Mark Jamison on antitrust laws and Big Tech

Mark Jamison is a nonresident senior fellow at the American Enterprise Institute, where he works on how technology affects the economy, and on telecommunications and Federal Communications Commission issues. Banter is AEI’s weekly podcast series, where hosts Robert Doar and Phoebe Keller interview leading thinkers and political commentators on a wide range of policy topics. [...]

Examining the role of economic analysis in antitrust

Parts of the Biden administration, Federal Trade Commission, Congress, and media believe the past 40 years of consumer-oriented antirust analysis and enforcement have enabled the growth of market power and anticompetitive behavior. Members of both parties seem to newly believe that big firms are always bad, and they are advocating for less emphasis on economics [...]

How can Congress act more constructively on antitrust?

Bills targeting the business models and competitive strategies of Big Tech firms are gaining bipartisan momentum in Congress. However, the bills’ sponsors often contradict themselves, overlooking signs of healthy competition in the tech space with little regard for how their proposals would affect consumers. What are the most problematic features in these bills? And where, [...]

Washington is trying to create true tech monopolies

Some members of Congress, the White House, most federal and state antitrust regulators, and a number of pundits are pushing a narrative that Big Tech is five abusive monopolies — Alphabet (Google), Amazon, Apple, Facebook (now Meta), and Microsoft — that need to be reined in. As I have written before, they are wrong: There [...]

New Federal Trade Commission regulations could protect big business

This will be interesting: The Wall Street Journal reports that the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) is about to launch a rulemaking to ramp up regulation of Big Tech’s collection and use of user data. FTC Chair Lina Khan says this is keeping with the agency’s missions of consumer protection and promotion of competition. But there [...]