Analyzing Congress’ skirmish with Big Tech (with Jennifer Huddleston)

With five bills introduced to the House Judiciary Committee in June of this year, Congress is moving swiftly to rein in what it sees as the market power and abusive business practices of “Big Tech” firms — namely Apple, Amazon, Facebook, and Alphabet Inc.’s Google. What is behind Congress’ push for new antitrust laws targeted at these companies, and how would these laws impact consumers?

On this episode, Shane and AEI co-host Mark Jamison are joined by NetChoice Policy Counsel Jennifer Huddleston for a conversation on what Congress’ proposals would mean for the future of mergers and acquisitions in the tech industry, along with how these proposals would deprive consumers of services they enjoy thanks to Silicon Valley’s culture of “permissionless innovation.”

This podcast episode (Ep. 43 — Explain to Shane) can be listened to anywhere you stream podcasts, as well as on the AEI website.