What’s going on at the Federal Trade Commission? (with Bilal Sayyed — part I)

Under Chairwoman Lina Khan’s leadership, the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) is undergoing a number of process reforms that are poised to make the commission less democratic by allocating more power to the chair herself. If successful, what impact will these reforms have on the future of the commission — and on the laws it’s tasked with enforcing?

In the first episode of a two-part discussion, Shane and AEI Nonresident Senior Fellow Mark Jamison co-host a conversation with Bilal Sayyed, former director of the FTC’s Office of Policy Planning and a senior adjunct fellow at TechFreedom. Bilal shares his insights on how Chairwoman Khan’s reforms will reshape long-standing policies around how the FTC is run, and on the challenges companies may face under the new FTC’s scrutiny.

This podcast episode (Ep. 41 — Explain to Shane) can be listened to anywhere you stream podcasts, as well as on the AEI website.