Next Practices Live: ICT Working Group – Assessing the Impacts of Net Neutrality on May 28, 2020

Lessons from the pandemic are uncovering flaws in some regulatory thinking. Some claim that net neutrality regulations have led to poor network performance. Others think that such constraints on networks are more important than ever. What’s the reality?

We were excited to talk with two international experts on this topic. Dr. Roslyn Layton has written extensively using comparative studies to assess net neutrality regulation. She is a visiting researcher at Aalborg University Center for Communication, Media, and Information Technologies, a vice president at Strand Consult, both in Denmark, as well as a visiting scholar with the American Enterprise Institute. David Cox is Chairman of CANTO and Head of Regulatory Affairs for Cable & Wireless – Caribbean. He was previously general counsel for ECTEL. Many of you know him from his impressive lectures at PURC courses and from his earlier Next Practices Live event.

Our guests focused on:

  • How have different countries addressed net neutrality regulations?
  • What appears to have been the effects on network performance during the pandemic?
  • What have been the impacts on network investment?
  • What are Google and Facebook teaching us as they invest in broadband networks?
  • How does net neutrality fit into the context of advanced networks?