Next Practices Live with Carlos Motta Nunes

Many countries are struggling to coordinate supply chains during the pandemic. In water, this means coordinating water resource agencies, government policy makers and regulators, and water utilities. Because we have not been in this situation before, no one has best practices. But what are people trying? What are their experiences?

These questions were the subject of Next Practices Live with Carlos Motta Nunes. He is the Deputy Superintendent of Water Policy Implementation in Brazil’s National Water Agency. His agency works daily with water suppliers, hydropower plants, electricity grid operator, industries and irrigants across the many diverse areas of Brazil to ensure that sufficient water is available during the pandemic. He was previously Dam Safety and Economic Regulation Manager. He is a graduate of the PURC/World Bank International Training Program on Utility Regulation and Strategy and has served on the program’s faculty.

He discussed the systems Brazil is using to coordinate supply, communicate across the various institutions in the supply chain, steps Brazil is taking to ease the financial challenges of the pandemic, and how to operate when there are leadership vacuums.