Next Practices Live with Tim Ward

Wouldn’t you know it: Just when your organization and your country need your leadership the most, you are in lockdown. How can you communicate and listen when you can’t be present?

PURC welcomed Tim Ward of Intermedia Communications to our Next Practices Live session on April 8th. Tim and his team have taught communications to executives from The World Bank, International Monetary Fund, Asian Development Bank, African Development Bank, and the World Wildlife Fund, as well as to numerous PURC course participants. Tim is the best I have met at teaching people how to communicate effectively with media and the public.

Tim talked about problems that people face when communicating through video conferencing and solutions to those problem. His discussion examined common failures, the key differences between in-person and online video, understanding what the audience is experiencing, and the use of visual aids.

This challenge of communicating electronically came up in our previous session with Mr. Rene Almendras, CEO of Manila Water. He discussed how hard it is to get your words right when you can’t be face to face with important government officials. You can watch his Next Practices Live session here.

If you want to learn more about Tim’s work and his organization, please visit his website. You may also be interested in his book, The Master Communicator’s Handbook.