Next Practices Live

Hi, Everyone.

Right now your world needs you more than ever. And as you know, PURC is here to support you.

Normally we at PURC help you primarily through our two-week courses taught each January and June. Unfortunately, we can’t do that this June because of all of the uncertainty about travel and whether the university will be allowing classes this summer.

That might be a small blip compared to what your country is going through with the COVID 19 virus. But it still matters because it limits your opportunities to be at the top of your game.

Here is a video message from me about how my colleagues and I are reaching out to you at this time. These are uncharted waters. So as PURC’s director of leadership studies, Araceli Castaneda, says: There are no best practices. All we can decide is what to try next. Let’s do Next Practices well.

You can also view and download a copy of PURC’s ebook on leadership. It has a chapter that explains next practices.