PURC Transformation Package

Regulation during and after the pandemic

Will your organization return to business as usual after the pandemic? Most will not. What skills and strategies will you need to transform your organization to be successful during this unprecedented time?

PURC’s learning engagements uniquely integrate the analytical, strategic, and leadership skills that people need to be successful in the regulatory environment. Our Transformation Package is a premium package for organizations that are ready to be strategic leaders for their countries and regions. Key members of the organization will learn the technical skills and key strategies for regulation, and how to provide the leadership needed to mobilize the organization’s talents and solve its most difficult challenges.

Recently we talked with an organization that was facing some difficult pricing challenges. The leaders thought that they need more training on how to design prices. But as we talked with them, we learned that all of the professional staff and the leaders has been to such training (not from PURC) and that the organization had hired consultants to develop computerized pricing models. And yet the organization was truly unprepared. Why? The leadership had never empowered employees nor implemented strategies for making technical skills part of the organization’s actual practices. And the organization had not developed the confidence that it works would be respected and accepted by service providers and ministries.

Our Transformation Package resolves the problems by allowing an organization to mix and match our methods, courses, customized leadership development, and receive advisory services that develop a confident culture that continuously learns and expands its leadership capabilities.

Program Structure

The package includes:

  • Three (3) seats each in three (3) courses of your choosing
  • Thirty (30) hours of leadership training and coaching for ten (10) individuals
  • Thirty (30) hours of advisory assistance on regulatory techniques, strategy, and leadership

Your organization can choose different members of your organization for each aspect, but we recommend that a core of five (5) people participate in all three aspects.

Program Fee

The price for our Transformation Package is USD $180,000.

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