Bachelor of Science in Business Administration Information Systems

The Information Systems major (BSBA-IST) is designed for students who want to be at the intersection between business and technology. IST majors develop the technical knowledge necessary to supply organizations with the information needed to make crucial strategic decisions. The IST curriculum teaches students effective strategies and techniques to analyze, design, and implement information systems. Students interested in IST must possess strong quantitative skills as well as a passion for computers and technology.

Information Systems Curriculum

Students pursuing a BSBA-IST must complete a minimum of 120 credit hours. For information about the required coursework please visit UF’s Information Systems Major page or schedule an appointment with your Academic Advisor.

Useful Minors and Electives

Information Systems and Operation Management majors are encouraged to enhance their education by pursuing industry related minors and choosing targeted electives. While all minors and electives offer educational benefits there are some that are particularly useful for IST majors, such as:


  • Accounting
  • Actuarial Science
  • Computer and Information Science and Engineering
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Foreign Languages
  • Leadership
  • Mathematics
  • Statistics

For information about the required courses for these and other UF minors, consult the undergraduate catalog’s undergraduate minors page.

Non-Major Electives

  • ACG 3101 (Financial Accounting and Reporting 1)
  • ACG 3401 (Business Processes and Accounting Information Systems)
  • ACG 4111 (Financial Accounting and Reporting)
  • ACG 4341 (Cost and Managerial Accounting)
  • CIS 3020 (Advanced Programming for Majors)
  • CIS 3022/3023 (Programming Fundamentals for CIS majors 1 and 2
  • COT 3100 (Applications of Discrete Structures)
  • CDA 3101 (Introduction to Computer Organization
  • COP 3530 (Data Structures and Algorithms)
  • COP 4600 (Operating Systems)
  • ECO 3101 (Intermediate Microeconomics)
  • ECO 3203 (Intermediate Macroeconomics)
  • ENT 3003 (Principles of Entrepreneurship)
  • ENT 4934 (Special Topics)
  • GEB 3213 (Professional Writing in Business)
  • GEB 3218 (Professional Speaking in Business)
  • REE 3043 (Real Estate Analysis)
  • REE 4303 (Investment Decision Making)

Combination Degrees

IST majors interested in furthering their knowledge of information systems and operations management may pursue a master’s degree through the combination degree program. Combination degree students may apply select master’s courses toward their bachelor’s degree. Students who complete the combination degree enhance their marketability and develop valuable industry relationships.

For more information, please schedule an appointment with an academic advisor and consult the Master of Science in Information Systems and Operations Management, MS Marketing Program, or Master of International Business program website.

Career Opportunities and Internships

Students who pursue careers in information systems and operations management have a variety of options. Among the most popular career opportunities are:

  • Computer Programming
  • Computer Systems Analysis
  • Data Processing
  • Information Technology
  • Network Security
  • Operations Management
  • Supply Chain Management

For more information about the careers in Information Systems and Operations Management, please contact a CAP Mentor or Business Career Services Career Coach.

Questions about enrolling in the required internship course? Contact your academic advisors.

Involvement and Leadership

The Warrington College of Business provides numerous opportunities for involvement and leadership. By participating in student organizations, students gain valuable leadership skills and network with faculty, alumni, and recruiters. Students looking for organizations focused on IST should consider:

  • Association for Information Systems
  • Entrepreneurship & Innovation Center (CEI) Ambassadors
  • Entrepreneurship and Technology Club
  • Innovation College Executives

For more information about these and all Warrington student organizations, please visit our Business Student Organization page.