Bachelor of Science in Accounting

The Bachelor of Science in Accounting (BSAc) degree is a four year program that provides an excellent foundation in accounting and business. Its conceptual focus is designed to prepare students for success in a constantly evolving business environment and to also prepare students for graduate studies.

Students enrolled in the BSAc Program are eligible to submit an application for early admission to graduate school via our combined 3/2 Program.

Some students enter the Fisher School of Accounting with the intention of limiting their accounting studies at the University of Florida to undergraduate coursework. These students often view the BSAc degree as providing valuable preparation for post-graduate studies in areas other than accounting (e.g., law) or may intend to complete graduate accounting studies at another institution.

Students are cautioned that completion of the BSAc degree alone will not satisfy the licensure requirements to practice as a CPA in the State of Florida. Students aspiring to a career in professional accounting should plan on seeking admission to the 3/2 Program. We have not made a determination as to whether the BSAc program meets educational requirements in any other state or jurisdiction. For information regarding eligibility to sit for the CPA exam, and obtain CPA licensure, for all states and jurisdictions, visit the National Association of State Boards of Accountancy.

Is Accounting Right for You?

Accounting is more than numbers!

Accounting is more than sitting at a computer and conducting careful financial calculations. Accountants of today work closely with clients to develop lasting professional relationships. Accountants can work in any field you can think of, from the “Big Four” firms to non-profit organizations. Accounting can provide a meaningful and fulfilling career for anyone interested! This is a brief guide of tools to help you determine if Accounting is right for you.

Fisher School of Accounting Tools:

Course Requirements:

Explore the courses required for the Accounting Major, and read the Course Descriptions.

Other Online Resources:

  • This Way to CPA is an excellent site with statistics on the field and advice from accountants from both the public and private sector.
  • Start Here Go Places is another tool to help decide if the Accounting field is right for you.