UF Pathways to Campus Enrollment

Pathway to Campus Enrollment

The UF Office of Admissions selects qualified freshman applicants for the PaCE (Pathway to Campus Enrollment) Program—this is not a program students apply for. As a PaCE student, you’ll start your career by taking your courses through UF Online. In order to transition from UF Online to residential coursework, you’ll need to complete both general and major specific transition requirements (see below). In the Heavener School of Business, students who accept the university’s invitation to enroll in PaCE are eligible for the Bachelor of Arts in Business Administration (BABA) – General Studies major only.

PaCE students may not change to a non-PaCE major (such as Finance or Marketing), even after making the transition to campus. By signing the PaCE contract, we are ensuring that you understand this policy. If you are not satisfied with the PaCE majors offered, this program may not be a good fit for you. You can find a full list of PaCE majors on the UF Admissions website.

Information for PaCE Admits

Prospective PaCE students have the option to receive advising by email. We also have dedicated 10-minute advising appointments for new PaCE admits and families from 3:30 PM – 4:30 PM on Tuesdays & Wednesdays starting March 5th. These are private, 10-minute meetings via Zoom with Sarah or Daniel. Click on the button below to schedule a 10-minute advising appointment. We will also be available to answer questions at the UF Online PaCE Overview Virtual Chat.

**Please note that 10-minute advising appointments open 14 days in advance. If you do not see any available, try again the following week. The 10-minute advising appointments will be available through May 1st.

As part of the Heavener School of Business, you are strongly encouraged to enroll in GEB2015: Warrington Welcome in your first semester. Warrington Welcome is a one-credit course designed to help Business Gators transition to the University of Florida and the Warrington College of Business.

Until you transition to campus, you are not allowed to attend live lectures or live in UF residence halls. Regardless of whether or not you move to Gainesville, you can certainly take advantage of University resources, including the Broward Teaching Center, the Disability Resource Center, and the UF Libraries, among many other resources. To take full advantage of the opportunities on campus, students moving to Gainesville should consider the Optional Fee Package.

Transition Requirements for PaCE BABA-General Studies Majors

PaCE BABA-General Studies majors must complete all of the following requirements before applying to transition to campus:

  • Earn 60 total credit hours (up to 45 hours can come from AP/IB/AICE credit, while additional hours can come from approved dual enrollment credit)
  • Complete a minimum of two semesters in UF Online
  • Earn at least 15 UF credit hours online
  • Complete all Universal Tracking requirements for the BABA degree, including ECO2013, ECO2023, ISM3013 or CGS2531, STA2023, MAC2233 or MAC2311, ACG2021, ACG2071
  • Earn a minimum 3.0 cumulative critical tracking GPA
  • Earn a minimum 2.0 cumulative UF GPA

Once all transition requirements are fulfilled, PaCE Business students will be reviewed by the Heavener School of Business for eligibility to transition to campus. At that time, students will receive an email with information about the PaCE transition process.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long will it take a Business major to transition to campus?

In order to transition to campus, students not only need to complete 60 total credits (including at least 15 UF credits), but they also need to successfully complete all seven Critical Tracking courses with at least a 3.0 Critical Tracking GPA. Some students who have incoming college credit may earn 60 credits before they complete the seven Tracking courses. The average PaCE student will need at least three semesters to complete all Tracking courses due to prerequisites and course rigor. In general, we recommend that the seven Tracking courses be taken over the course of four semesters. However, each student’s situation is different, so it is imperative to meet with your Academic Advisor in the Heavener School of Business for personalized academic advising.

Can I start taking classes the summer before I start at UF?

You may take courses this summer at other institutions as a non-degree seeking student before enrolling at UF, but you may not take courses at UF or through UF Online this summer. We encourage you to speak with an Academic Advisor before enrolling in courses at other institutions to ensure that the credits will transfer.

Once I enroll in UF Online courses in the Fall, can I take classes at other schools at the same time to get a traditional classroom experience in at least some of my courses?

Although not encouraged for various reasons, it is possible to take some courses at other schools while enrolled in UF Online courses. Please work with an Academic Advisor to create a customized academic plan and to review dual enrollment policies and procedures. Please note that this applies to PaCE Business students while in UF Online (pre-transition to campus), other colleges will have different policies regarding transient work.

Can I change my major from General Studies to another Business major like Finance or Marketing after I transition to campus?

Students may not change to a non-PaCE major (such as Finance or Marketing), even after making the transition to campus. By signing the PaCE contract, we are ensuring that you understand this policy. If you are not satisfied with the PaCE majors offered, this program is not a good fit for you. Although not guaranteed, it is possible to apply to a non-PaCE business major by submitting a College Petition. College Petitions for non-PaCE major changes will only be accepted and reviewed for students who have successfully completed all requirements needed to transition to campus and have attained exceptional UF and Critical Tracking GPAs. This petition process is highly competitive and students should not rely on this method to change to their preferred business major. Access the Heavener School of Business College Petition to submit your request for a non-PaCE business major change.

Can I pursue a minor? Which minors can I do?

You may absolutely pursue a minor as a PaCE student. Students are encouraged to meet with an Academic Advisor to ensure that all minor requirements can be met within the time frame of degree completion.

How many credits will I have coming into UF from AP/IB or dual enrollment?

To determine how many UF credits (if any) you will receive based on your AP/IB scores and/or dual enrollment coursework, please use the resources listed below.

  • AP credit
  • IB credit
  • Dual enrollment credit: If your dual enrollment coursework is from a Community College, State College or Public University in the State of Florida, UF will accept all credit. Most dual enrollment courses will count as Elective credit. Others may count as credit towards your General Education requirements or Universal Tracking requirements.
  • Determine whether your coursework will count as Gen Ed credit or Tracking credit:
    • Gen Ed credit: Look at the course number and title of your dual enrollment course (STA2023 – Introduction to Statistics). Search for that course on the UF Gen Ed course listings. If the course is listed on this Gen Ed page, then it will count as Gen Ed credit. If not, it will count as general elective credit.
    • Tracking credit: Use the course equivalency table.
    • If your dual enrollment coursework is from a private or out-of-state institution, then please check whether there is an active equivalency status for one of our Universal Tracking courses on our Course Equivalencies webpage.
Is a math placement test required?

While not required, it is highly recommended that you take the ALEKS math placement exam. If you have not already gotten credit for MAC2233 or MAC2311, then you will be required to take MAC1140 (Precalculus) unless you take the ALEKS exam and receive a minimum score of 61%. Find more information about the ALEKS exam.

Important: Taking MAC1140 before MAC2233 can set your transition date back because it may take you longer to finish all 7 tracking courses. This is why it is so important to take the ALEKS exam and see if you can skip MAC1140.

I want to take classes this summer at my local community college to get a head start on earning 60 credits and finishing the Universal Tracking classes. Which classes do you recommend?

Because it can take up to 4 semesters to finish all 7 business tracking courses, it is recommended that you take a Universal Tracking course this summer. Many students do not want to take math classes online; in this case, students might prefer to take quantitative courses in the summer before they enroll at UF. Make sure you check the Course Equivalency page to ensure you are taking the correct course at your local community college. Here are a few tracking courses we recommend:

  • STA2023 – Introduction to Statistics
  • MAC2233 – Survey of Calculus
    • MAC2311 – Calculus 1 will count as well. Students pursuing a pre-med track should take this course instead of MAC2233.
    • MAC1140 – Precalculus is a prerequisite for MAC2233, so many students may need to start with MAC1140 before they can take MAC2233.
  • ECO2023 – Principles of Microeconomics
  • ECO2013 – Principles of Macroeconomics
  • CGS2531 equivalent course – Problem Solving using Computer Software