Online Bachelor Degrees in Business Administration

UF Online offers both a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration (BSBA), and a Bachelor of Arts in Business Administration (BABA). Our online business degrees expose students to some of the nation’s top professors and elite coursework under the nationally recognized Warrington College of Business. Both programs provide a background in a variety of business disciplines and prepare students for a wide array of Business careers or graduate school.

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The online program allows students to take the number of courses that works best for them each term.

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With a fully online degree, students can watch lectures and take exams at any location.

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Prerequisite GPA for Admission2.53.0
Prerequisite Courses

(21-26 credits)

  • CGS 2531 Computer Software
  • ECO 2013 Macroeconomics
  • ECO 2023 Microeconomics
  • STA 2023 Intro. to Statistics
  • MAC 2233 Business Calculus
  • ACG 2021 Financial Accounting
  • ACG 2071 Managerial Accounting
General Education(36 credits)Same
Business Core Courses*

(28 credits)

  • MAN 3025 Prin. of Management
  • MAR 3023 Prin. Of Marketing
  • QMB 3250 Business Statistics
  • GEB 3373 International Business
  • BUL 4310 Business Law
  • FIN 3403 Business Finance
  • MAN 4504 Operations Mgmt.
Major vs. Area of Specialization*

Major Courses:
(20 Credits)

  1. ENT 3003 Entrepreneurship
  2. GEB 3017 Leading Organizations
  3. REE 3043 Real Estate
  4. MAR 3231 Retail Management
  5. MAN 4723 Strategic Management

Area of Specialization Courses:
(11-12 Credits)

Take four specified courses from one of these UF departments:

  • Anthropology
  • Business/Economics
  • Geography
  • Educ. Studies
  • Geology
  • Mass Comm.
  • General Studies
  • Sociology
  • Sports Mgmt.
Business Communication Courses*

(4 credits)

  1. GEB 3219 Writing/Speak in Business
Restricted Business Electives*

(8 credits)

  1. GEB 3035 Eff. Career Management
  2. ISM 3004 Computing in Bus. Envir.

(11-12 credits)
Choose from the following courses:

  • Entrepreneurship
  • Leading Orgs.
  • Real Estate
  • Retail Mgmt.
  • Strategic Mgmt.
  • Professional Selling
  • Market Strategies
Additional Elective Courses*None(1 – 6 credits)
Internship*NoneInternship course, plus 150 hour approved internship (1 credit)
Total Number of Credits120Same

*These courses must be completed at UF. Junior and senior level courses completed at other schools will not count toward a UF Business degree.

On Campus BSBAOn Campus BABAOnline BSBAOnline BABA
Major(s)Finance, Marketing, Management, Information SystemsGeneral Studies in BusinessGeneral BusinessGeneral Business
Prerequisite GPA for AdmissionCompetitive Limited Seats3.52.53.0
Academic Focus (4-5 Courses)MajorArea of SpecializationMajorArea of Specialization
Core CoursesBUL 4310, FIN 3403, GEB 3373, MAN 3025, MAN 4504, MAR 3023, QMB 3250SameSameSame
% of Electronic Platform Courses80%+80% to 100%100%100%
Degree Awarded*Bachelor of Science in Business AdministrationBachelor of Arts in Business AdministrationBachelor of Science in Business AdministrationBachelor of Arts in Business Administration
Careers Associated with DegreeAlmost anythingAlmost anythingAlmost anythingAlmost anything
Study AbroadYesYesYesYes
InternshipYes, requiredYes, requiredYes, but not requiredYes, required
Can I live in Gainesville?YesYesYesYes
Can I utilize campus resources?YesYesYes, with activity packageYes, with activity package
Tuition and Fees (per credit hour)$212.71$212.71$129.18$129.18

*There is no distinction on diplomas for online students. The same award-winning faculty teach all Business courses in each program.