Transfer Admission

Business Degrees Offered On-Campus

Bachelor of Science in Business Administration

Bachelor of Arts in Business Administration

Fall admission: Complete all 7 prerequisite courses by the end of spring.

Spring admission: Complete all 7 prerequisite courses by the end of summer.

If you apply for one of these majors and are not offered admission, you may be offered the Business General Studies major, as long as you meet the minimum requirements.

Fall admission: Complete 4 of the 7 prerequisite courses (including Financial Accounting) by the application deadline (May 1st).

Spring admission: Complete 4 of the 7 prerequisite courses (including Financial Accounting) by the end of summer.

Fall and Spring admission: The remaining prerequisite courses must be in progress and your current prerequisite GPA must be a 3.5+.


The four BSBA majors have limited spots available for admission. In every fall and spring term, we admit the following max number of students into each of these majors:

Finance: 14 for fall, 7 for spring

Marketing: 7 for fall, 2 for spring

Management: 7 for fall, 2 for spring

Information Systems: 7 for fall, 2 for spring

Note: The admissions process is very competitive and heavily weighted on GPA. For example, 189 students applied for Finance in fall of 2022. Of the limited students who were admitted, their average GPA was a 3.94.


University transfer requirements:

  • Earn an AA degree from a Florida Public institution or 60+ transferrable credit hours
  • Provide proof of meeting the foreign language requirement

Additional requirements and information, please review the UF Admissions Office website.

Heavener School of Business requirements:

  • Earn a 3.0+ overall GPA from all institutions attended
  • Complete the seven required prerequisite courses with a 3.5+ GPA


  • The most competitive applicants have all pre-requisites, with the GPA requirements, done at the time of application
  • Applicants that have completed more than one Junior-/Senior-level business course or 90+ transferable credit hours (not including dual enrollment and AP/IB/AICE credit earned in high school) will not be eligible for admission into any on-campus Heavener School of Business major.

Prerequisite Courses

Course NumberCourse Title
ECO 2013Principles of Macroeconomics
ECO 2023Principles of Microeconomics
CGS 2531Problem Solving Using Computers
STA 2023Introduction to Statistics
MAC 2233Survey of Calculus
ACG 2021Introduction to Financial Accounting
ACG 2071Intro to Managerial Accounting

In-state students: If you are attending or have attended another Florida public institution, you can find a list of equivalent courses.

Out-of-state students: If you are attending or have attended a non-Florida institution or a Florida private institution, you must review the equivalency process and submit the necessary documentation. Without approved course equivalencies, you will not be eligible for admission.


Application Deadlines and Decision Dates

For Admission toDeadline to ApplyTranscripts Due no later thanDecisions
FallMay 1stMay 14thBABA: January before Fall Rolling
BSBA: First week of May
SpringSeptember 15thSeptember 30thBABA: August before Spring Rolling
BSBA: Third week of October

Additional Considerations

Have You Previously Attended UF and Have Sat Out for More Than Two Semesters (Including Summer)?

  • You must apply for readmission.
  • Please contact the Business Advising Office at 352-273-0165 to set up an appointment to speak with the advisor responsible for Readmission.

Are You Currently in High School and Plan to Finish Your AA Degree When You Graduate High School?

  • All high School students will apply to the University as a traditional freshman and indicate on their application that they will be receiving their AA upon graduation.
  • If you are not accepted as a traditional freshman, you will then be referred to the college and evaluated based on our prerequisite requirements.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I still be admitted if I do not meet the admissions requirements?

The requirements listed here are the basic requirements. If you do not meet these, you will not be admitted to the on-campus program. You may, though, be considered for other programs we offer including our online program.

When are decisions released?

Review the Application Deadlines and Decision Dates table.

How do I make an appointment?

Please email our admissions inbox at

What is the difference between the BSBA and the BABA?

Each major has their own respective page:

If I am accepted as a General Studies Major, can I switch to Finance later on?

Once you have been accepted as a specific major, you cannot switch majors at a later date.

If I apply for one of the BSBA competitive majors and am not offered admission, am I automatically considered for the Business General Studies major?

We will contact you via email to ask, and if you approve, we will consider you for the Business General Studies major for both on-campus and online.

Who do I contact if I have a question about my transcripts being received?

All questions regarding receipt of transcripts or other application materials should be directed to the UF Admissions Office.

How will my prerequisite GPA be calculated?

The prerequisite GPA is an average of all seven prerequisite courses (or their equivalents). It is important to note that UF does not offer grade forgiveness—when we calculate your prerequisite GPA, we include all of your attempts at our prerequisite courses (or their equivalents).

Is MAC 2234 (Business Calculus 2) required for students applying for the Finance major?

No, it is not required. It is recommended, if you have the option of taking it at your school.

What if I received college credit for one of the 7 prerequisite courses by passing a test, like AP/IB/AICE?

Test credit can be used to meet a course requirement. The test simply counts as passing and is not factored in the calculation of the prerequisite GPA. Refer to the UF catalog for what UF courses are awarded for passing certain exams.