On-Campus Transfer Admission

Thank you for your interest in transferring to the esteemed Warrington College of Business! The Heavener School of Business, an integral part of the college, provides students pursuing an undergraduate business degree with a nationally acclaimed educational experience characterized by academic excellence. As transfer students join the Heavener School of Business, they receive comprehensive academic support and personalized career counseling, ensuring their long-term success. For detailed information on transferring to one of the five majors offered at the Heavener School of Business, please explore the topics outlined below.

Bachelor of Arts in Business Administration:

Business General Studies
This is the recommended program for transfer students.

The general studies major is ideal for students who want a strong foundation in business while still pursuing passions beyond business. Flexibility is the hallmark of the general studies major. With over 70 different areas of specialization to choose from, there are numerous fields students can pursue. The most popular specializations for transfer students are:

  • Retailing
  • Wealth Management
  • Pre-Law
  • Mass Communication
  • Sport Management
  • Communication and Leadership Development
  • Finance, Marketing and Economics in Agribusiness

Note: Students admitted to the BABA Business General Studies program are not eligible to major change into one of the four BSBA majors.

Bachelor of Science in Business Administration
(The four BSBA majors have limited spots available for admission.)

Finance Major
Finance majors learn how individuals and organizations raise money and capital, and how to effectively allocate resources among various investment opportunities.
Max number of admitted students: 14 for fall, 7 for spring

Information Systems Major
The Information Systems major is designed for students who want to be at the intersection between business and technology. IST majors develop the technical knowledge necessary to supply organizations with the information needed to make crucial strategic decisions.
Max number of admitted students: 7 for fall, 2 for spring

Management Major
Management majors learn how to utilize human and financial resources to accomplish organizational goals. The management curriculum combines theory with application, focusing largely on problem-solving, case studies, and small group projects.
Max number of admitted students: 7 for fall, 2 for spring

Marketing Major
The curriculum for marketing majors is designed for students who want to study consumer needs and develop products and services to meet those needs. Marketing students learn the theoretical concepts of marketing and how to apply these concepts in a practical sense.
Max number of admitted students: 7 for fall, 2 for spring

Heavener School of Business requires all students to meet the following requirements in order to be admitted to any on campus program:

  • A minimum 3.0 GPA from each previously attended college level institution
  • Completion of all prerequisite courses with a minimum 3.5 GPA, including all course attempts
  • Have not completed more than one Junior-/Senior-level business course
  • Have not completed 90 or more transferable credit hours (not including dual enrollment and AP/IB/AICE credit earned in high school)
  • Meet all University Transfer requirements

Note: Florida state college students (formerly Florida community colleges) who will have an AA degree awarded are given admission priority under the state’s articulation agreement. However, space availability still makes admission competitive.

Program specific requirements:

Bachelor of Arts in Business Administration (BABA)
(Business General Studies)

Fall admission: Complete 4 of the 7 prerequisite courses (including Financial Accounting) by the application deadline (May 1st).

Spring admission: Complete 4 of the 7 prerequisite courses (including Financial Accounting) by the end of the summer term prior to admission.

All remaining prerequisite courses must be in progress and your current prerequisite GPA must be a 3.5+ including all course attempts.

Fall 2025 requirement updates: Applicants for Fall 2025 and onward will be required to have 5 of the 7 prerequisites completed (including Financial Accounting and Calculus) and have the final 2 prerequisites in-progress when submitting their application.

Bachelor of Science in Business Administration (BSBA)
(Finance, Information System, Management, or Marketing)

Fall admission: Complete all 7 prerequisite courses by the end of the spring term prior to admission.

Spring admission: Complete all 7 prerequisite courses by the end of the
summer term prior to admission.

Finance Majors must earn a B or higher in all ACG courses, including the prerequisites listed below.

If you apply for one of these majors and are not offered admission, you may be offered the Business General Studies major, as long as you meet the minimum requirements.

The admissions process is very competitive and heavily weighted on GPA. For example, 189 students applied for Finance in fall of 2022. Of the limited students who were admitted, their average GPA was a 3.94.

Course NumberCourse Title
ECO 2013Principles of Macroeconomics
ECO 2023Principles of Microeconomics
CGS 2531Problem Solving Using Computers
STA 2023Introduction to Statistics
MAC 2233 OR MAC 2311Survey of Calculus OR Analytic Geometry and Calculus 1
ACG 2021Introduction to Financial Accounting
ACG 2071Intro to Managerial Accounting

In-State Public Institution Students:
If you are attending or have attended another Florida public institution, please use our list of equivalent courses to determine if your classes meet the prerequisite requirements.

Note: Students coming from Florida State Colleges must apply for, and earn, their AA before attending the University of Florida.


Out-of-State or Private Institution Students:
If you are attending or have attended a non-Florida institution or a Florida private institution, you must complete the equivalency process and submit the necessary documentation.
Equivalency materials are due two weeks after transfer applications close. Without approved course equivalencies, you will not be eligible for admission.

Dates and Deadlines id="deadlines-and-dates"

For Admission to:Deadline to ApplyTranscripts DueEquivalency Materials DueDecisions
FallMay 1stMay 15thMay 15thBABA: Rolling through June 15th
BSBA: May 20th
SpringSeptember 15thOctober 1stOctober 1stBABA: Rolling through November 15th
BSBA: October 14th

Frequently Asked Questions

If I am accepted as a Bachelor of Arts in Business Administration General Studies major, can I switch to one of the Bachelor of Science in Business Administration majors later on?

Once you have been admitted into the Bachelor of Arts in Business Administration program, you cannot switch to a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration major at a later date.

If I apply for one of the Bachelor of Science in Business Administration competitive majors and am not offered admission, am I automatically considered for the Business General Studies major?

If you are not selected for the BSBA major you applied for, and you meet the Business General Studies major requirements, we will contact you via email to verify your interest in the BABA program. If you accept, we will consider you for the Business General Studies major for both on-campus and online

Can transfer students apply to more than one major at once?

No, students may only have one Heavener School of Business transfer application in at a time.

Who do I contact if I have a question about my transcripts being received or with questions about the University level transfer requirements?

You can find more information about UF’s transfer requirements on the main
Office of Admissions’ website. For specific questions or to request information regarding your transcripts, you can reach out to the office of admissions by email or call them at 352-392-1365.

How will my prerequisite GPA be calculated?

The prerequisite GPA is an average of all seven prerequisite courses (or their equivalents). It is important to note that UF does not offer grade forgiveness—when we calculate your prerequisite GPA, we include all of your attempts of the prerequisite courses (or their equivalents). Prerequisite GPAs do not include course credits earned through test credit.

If you would like to find your GPA, you can use our GPA calculator. Be sure to include all attempts of the prerequisite courses with the appropriate credits per a course.

Is MAC 2234 (Survey of Calculus II) required for students applying for the Finance major?

MAC 2234 is not required if you have completed MAC 2233, but it is recommended for competitive applicants. Finance majors who have not completed MAC 2234 prior to admission will be required to do so in their first, or second, semester at UF.
Non-Finance business majors are not required to complete MAC 2234.

What if I received college credit for one of the 7 prerequisite courses by passing a test, like AP/IB/AICE?

Test credit can be used to meet a course requirement. The test simply counts as passing and is not factored in the calculation of the prerequisite GPA. Refer to the UF catalog for what UF courses are awarded for passing certain exams.
Please note we do not accept test credit for the CGS2531 prerequisite.

Will my 3000/4000 level business course credits transfer?

Students are not eligible for admission into any on-campus Heavener School of Business major if they have completed more than one Junior-/Senior-level business course. No Junior-/Senior-level business courses taken outside the University of Florida will count towards a student’s degree tracking, but they may count as elective credits.

Can I apply for a summer term?

Unfortunately, we do not offer on-campus transfer admissions for the Summer term.

I am graduating from high school with my AA, how should I apply?

High school students should apply to the University as a traditional freshman and indicate on their application that they will be receiving their AA upon graduation. If you are not accepted as a traditional freshman, you will then be referred to the college as a transfer applicant.
All transfer applicants, including high school AA students, will be evaluated based on the prerequisites listed above.

I used to be a UF student, but I have missed more than two semesters, how do I apply?

Previous students who have missed three or more semesters should apply as a
readmit applicant. For more information on readmission, please contact the Business Advising Office by email to set up an appointment to speak with an advisor.

I am a current UF student, how do I change my major to one offered by the Heavener School of Business?

For more information on changing your major as a current UF student, please visit our major change website.