Resources for Entrepreneurs


Videos on Entrepreneurship

Finding Partners and People

Venture Capital

  • techVenture (connects ideas, people and venture capital for technology ventures)
  • Investopedia (many entrepreneurs, especially young ones, lack some financial experience; this site helps a lot to understand finance terms and how to calculate something like terminal value, for example)
  • Venture Associates (information on raising private money, preparation of Private Placement Memorandums (Reg D), writing business plans, going public and Initial Public Offerings (IPOs and DPOs), business plan outlines, Venture Capital, Venture Capital Clubs and "How to" Books about entrepreneuring)
  • dmoz (directory of venture capital links)
  • NVCA (the venture capital industry's source for advocacy, networking, professional development and reliable and timely information)
  • Garage Technology Ventures (a seed-stage and early-stage venture capital fund)


  • Kickstarter (donation-based crowdfunding specifically focused on creative projects, where funders can choose between different ‘packages,’ choosing to donate a set amount in exchange for a reward)
  • Indiegogo (Donation-based crowdfunding where donors choose from different packages, with a preset donation amount and promised reward. Differs from Kickstarter in that projects can pertain to anything, rather than strictly creative endeavors.)
  • RocketHub (Donation-based crowdfunding with different reward packages to choose from. Also partnered with TV station A&E; a successfully funded project has the chance to be featured on their TV show, Project Startup.)
  • Tilt (Donation-based crowdfunding, usually used for less expensive projects. Takes the all-or-nothing Kickstarter model with a campaign length and target amount, but adds a ‘tilting point’ arbitrarily set at some value below the goal.)
  • AngelList (pairs startups with investors, as well as offer a portal through which startups and talent can recruit/find jobs)
  • Crowdfunder (Investment-based crowdfunding site, where equity is exchanged instead of rewards. Startups pay a monthly fee and Crowdfunder matches investors active in a relevant space to the startup.)
  • MicroVentures (helps raise investment capital from angel investors on online platform)
  • CircleUp (investment-based crowdfunding focused on innovative consumer/retail companies with potential for high growth)
  • Endurance Lending Network (debt-based crowdfunding)

Business Plans and Business Models

Entrepreneurial Marketing and E-Commerce

Entrepreneurship Abroad

Social Entrepreneurship

Organizations that support social entrepreneurs:

Women in Entrepreneurship

Fashion Entrepreneurship

  • Fashion Law (the education and training required to become a fashion lawyer)

Law and Entrepreneurship

Intellectual Property

  • Search Patents (Google’s comprehensive and easy to use patent search)
  • (classic for someone wanting to search to determine if an idea infringes on another’s IP rights or looking for patent help)
  • Patent Lens (Patent Searches & Tools, Information)
  • World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) (oriented toward providing access to WIPO reports on various topics)
  • Ius mentis (Engelfriet's useful source of information on IP, patents and the patent process and includes commentary on differences between different national patent systems)

Government and Entrepreneurship

Gainesville Entrepreneurship Resources

Practitioner/Non-Academic Journals

Academic Research in Entrepreneurship

Teaching Entrepreneurship

Debt Financing


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