Teach. Coach. Inspire. This adage is the foundation upon which the Entrepreneurship Program at UF is built. The Entrepreneurship & Innovation Center seeks to help undergraduate and graduate students discover and develop their innate entrepreneurial potential, and give them the tools to act on that potential. We accomplish this with a leading edge curriculum at the undergraduate and graduate levels, with our support for the infusion of entrepreneurial concepts and principles into courses across the UF campus, and through an innovative mix of co-curricular (outside the classroom) programming.

Our faculty include thought leaders in the entrepreneurship discipline and individuals rich in entrepreneurial experience. In addition to our full-time entrepreneurship faculty members, a number of faculty in disciplines such as marketing, finance and management teach in the entrepreneurship program, together with a pool of highly talented adjunct professors from the world of entrepreneurial practice. They are committed to the student’s total immersion in entrepreneurship and empowerment through entrepreneurship.

Scholarly research is another important component of our mission. Our faculty members are engaged in a range of important research questions that can serve to advance the discipline of entrepreneurship and our theoretical understanding of entrepreneurial behavior, but that also informs entrepreneurial practice. We encourage cross-disciplinary collaborations on important research issues.

Our faculty engagement programs include the Experiential Classroom, which shares best practices in teaching entrepreneurship with faculty from around the globe; the Entrepreneurial Faculty Fellows program where we encourage academic entrepreneurs—faculty from outside the entrepreneurship program or the business school who want to integrate an entrepreneurial mindset into their research, teaching, or outreach activities.