What’s Your Big Idea? Business Plan Competition

2021 Schedule


December 15Deadline to Submit Online Intent to Compete Form


January 13Registration Deadline to Enroll: Business Plan Lab
January 14Big Idea Kickoff; Mandatory Orientation Meeting + First Business Plan Lab
January 21Business Plan Lab: Section I of Plan – The Industry, Library Resources to Support Writing the Plan
January 28Business Plan Lab: Section II of Plan – The Company, Concept, and Product(s) or Service(s)
February 4Business Plan Lab: Section III of Plan – Market Analysis (aka ‘The Market’)
February 11Business Plan Lab: More on Section III of Plan – Market Analysis
February 18Submit Business Plan Model (2-3 pages)
February 18Business Plan Lab: Section IV of Plan – The Economics of the Business
February 25Business Plan Lab: Section V of Plan – The Marketing Plan
March 4Business Plan Lab: Section VI of Plan – Design and Development Plan
March 11Business Plan Lab: Section VII of Plan – Operations Plan
March 18Initial Draft of Business Plan Deadline – Due by 5PM
March 18Business Plan Lab: Section XI of Plan – Financial Plan
March 22-26Individual Feedback Meetings on Initial Draft
March 25Business Plan Lab: Section XI of Plan – Financial Plan Help Session
April 1Business Plan Lab: Sections VIII – Management Team, IX – Overall Schedule, and X – Critical Risks, Problems, and Assumptions
April 6Final Draft of Business Plan Deadline – Due by 5PM
April 8Business Plan Lab: Section XII of Plan – Proposed Company Offering, Executive Summary, Tying it All Together and Making the Oral Presentation
April 9Top 16 Semi-Finalists Announced
April 15Business Plan Lab: Final Wrap-up
April 16Semi-Finalist Revised Business Plans Due by Noon
April 22Semi-Finals: Top Sixteen Teams Present
April 23Finals: Top Four Teams Present