Gator Community Entrepreneurship Initiative: Gator Bootcamp

Gator Bootcamp group
Empowering Gainesville area entrepreneurs to create and grow their own businesses.

The Gator Community Entrepreneurship Initiative seeks to help members of the community, and particularly those facing economic or other hardships, in starting and growing a business. The initiative has two key components: a training program called the Gator Bootcamp for Entrepreneurs and consulting projects for local disadvantaged entrepreneurs.

The Gator Bootcamp occurs on five consecutive Saturday mornings in the Fall. It is an intense exposure to the fundamentals of launching and growing a successful venture. The Bootcamp is taught by top UF faculty, subject matter experts and successful entrepreneurs. The price of the Bootcamp is $600, but significant scholarships are available for those who are economically disadvantaged.

Topics covered in the Bootcamp address all facets of a successful venture. They range from developing a viable business concept and how to understand your market to designing your profit model, setting up operations properly, marketing your venture, and understanding the basic numbers. Our underlying focus is how to think and act in entrepreneurial ways—including how to do more with less, and grow a venture when you have little in the way of resources. The approach will be interactive, so you will be encouraged to bring your business ideas and challenges into our discussions. A number of helpful materials will be shared.