Gainesville Entrepreneurship & Adversity Program

The Gainesville Entrepreneurship and Adversity Program (GEAP) is an integrated, multi-faceted program to empower those living in adverse circumstances to create and grow their own businesses.


The core goal of GEAP is to empower those who are economically disadvantaged and to alleviate poverty:

  • Foster the creation of new, profitable ventures by those facing economic or other disadvantages;
  • Assist existing small businesses owned by those with disadvantages in becoming sustainable and growing;
  • Measure and track the development and performance of entrepreneurs and their ventures based on program participation;
  • Identify and share best practices;
  • Celebrate the achievements of those striving to create and grow local small businesses.

Core Elements

  1. Gator Bootcamp for Entrepreneurs:
    1. Gator Bootcamp for Entrepreneurs: the Gator Bootcamp occurs on five consecutive Saturday mornings and introduces participants to basic tools, concepts and principles relevant to launching and growing a successful venture when one has limited resources or background. It is an intense experience that is taught our top faculty, subject matter experts and successful entrepreneurs. The price of the Bootcamp is $600, but scholarships are available to cover a substantial part of the fee for those who are economically disadvantaged.
  2. One-on-One Consulting: The consulting initiative connects faculty, graduate students and other partners with entrepreneurs, helping them launch and grow ventures.
  3. Resource Connect: Connect entrepreneurs to other resources in the community through community forums, networking events, and other communication vehicles.
  4. Research and Tracking: Research and tracking will be conducted to identify ways to better assist the ventures.

Who Should Apply?

Anyone suffering from adverse economic, physical or related circumstances is eligible to participate in the GEAP program. Our primary focus is individuals who are economically disadvantaged and have a dream of starting and growing a venture, including those who have already started a venture.

Where Do I Start?

GEAP begins with the Gator Bootcamp. Applications are accepted at any time during the year. To apply, click on the green “Apply to GEAP” button above. This application will give us an opportunity to learn more about your interest in the program, the kind of business you are trying to start or have already started, and provide contact details.


  1. Gator Bootcamp for Entrepreneurs: five Saturday mornings (dates on the Gator Bootcamp page).
  2. One-on-One Consulting: Five weeks starting in October.
  3. Resource Connect & Community Connections: Ongoing.
  4. Research and Tracking: Ongoing.