Experiential Learning through Student Consulting
@ the Jeff Gold Experiential Learning Laboratory

GatorNest is a hands-on, real world, consulting experience intended to teach entrepreneurship and innovation by working through the real problems of real companies. The course also teaches skills such as goal setting, team management, and handling various team dynamics in an unscripted environment. GatorNest’s mission also goes beyond the classroom learning experience as it was created with the intention of stimulating the economy of the Gator Nation by assisting in the growth of local startups.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How many credits can I earn for GatorNest?

GatorNest is a 2 credit course for all undergraduate, MIB, MSE, MSF, MSRE, and MSM students. Other graduate students must check with their department to make sure GatorNest can be done for credit.

How many hours per week does GatorNest take?

About 6 solid hours, the same as most other graduate level courses. We meet once per week as a group for 1 – 1.5 hours. But the bulk of the work and research happens outside of this weekly meeting.

How many GatorNest projects are completed each module?

Roughly 5 per module (10 per semester).

How long do GatorNest projects last?

They last one module, which is half of one semester, which is 8 weeks (6 weeks in summer).

When does the next set of GatorNest projects begin?

A new set of projects begins each module, which means:

  • when the Fall semester begins
  • halfway through the Fall semester
  • when the Spring semester begins
  • halfway through the Spring semester
  • when Summer A begins
  • when Summer B begins
What will we actually be doing?

We do things like a Market Analysis, Marketing Plan, Competitor Analysis, or Customer Survey. Deliverables almost always consist of a written report and a PowerPoint presentation that summarizes that report.

Just a few of over 400 client companies:

  • Brainworks: Creating Sharper Minds
  • Cade Museum: creativity + invention
  • Georgia-Pacific
  • Grammar Songs by Melissa Corbett
  • Hair Cuttery
  • Hippodrome
  • Shands Arts in Medicine: UF & Shands Integrated Arts in Medicine Program
  • UF Office of Technology Licensing
  • XCEED Sports Performance