Recent Scholarly Activity in Entrepreneurship

Janice E. Carrillo, Department of Information Systems & Operations Management

  • Environmental Implications for Online Retailing, European Journal of Operational Research (2014) (with Asoo Vakharia and Ruoxuan Wang ).
  • Product Diffusion for Single Function and Multi-Function Products, European Journal of Operational Research, Vol. 214, 2011, 232-245 (2011) (with Yuwen Chen).
  • “Fusion Product Planning: A Market Offering Perspective,” Decision Sciences Journal, Vol. 41, (2010) (with Yuwen Chen, Peter Sin, and Asoo Vakharia).
  • Multi-Generation Pricing and Timing Decisions in New Product Development, Working Paper (2014) (with Michelle M.H. Seref and Arda Yenipazarli).
  • Knowledge Transfer in NPD Projects, Working Paper (2014) (with Wenli Xiao and Cheryl Gaimon).
  • Strategic Analysis of Dual Channels for Digital Goods, Working Paper, (2014) (with Yinliang (Ricky) Tan).
  • Contemporary Research in NPD, Innovation and Technology Management: Review and Future Directions, Working Paper (2014) (with Cheryl Druehl and Juliana Hsuan).
  • Resource Allocation for Non-Profits: A Case of Animal Shelters, Working Paper (2014) (with Nazli Turken and Anand Paul).

Yongseok Jang, Entrepreneurship & Innovation Center

  • Dynamics of Fast Market Entrance for Young Entrepreneurial Firms Providing Products in Markets: Innovation, Organization and Entrepreneurs, Academy of Entrepreneurship Journal, Vol. 20, No.1, (2014).
  • Comparing Performance of Technology Business Incubators by Sponsorship : Public Vs Private, Journal of Strategic and International Studies, Vol. 9 Issue 1. (2014).
  • Modeling Student Entrepreneurship: a Longitudinal Study, Journal of Entrepreneurship Education, Vol. 16, (2013).
  • Does Open Innovation Help New Technology-Based Firms, Located in Isolated Areas?, Proceedings, Academy of Management Meeting (AOM), Philadelphia, PA, August 1-5, 2014.
  • Founders’ Human Capital and The Intensity of Open Innovation for New Technology-Based Firms, United States Association for Small Business and Entrepreneurship (USASBE) Annual Conference, Tampa, FL, January 22-25, 2015.

Kristin Joys, Entrepreneurship & Innovation Center

Debanjan Mitra, Department of Marketing

  • Findings-Innovations’ Origins: When, By Whom, and How Are Radical Innovations Developed? Marketing Science, 28(1), 166-179 (2009) (with P.N. Golder and R. Shacham).

Gwendolyn Lee, Department of Management

  • Start-ups vs. Diversifying Entrants: Industries with Potentials for Recombining Productive Activities, (working paper), presented at Academy of Management Annual Conference, Philadelphia (2014).
  • Competitive Dynamics Stimulated by Pioneers’ Technological Innovation: A Theoretical Framework. In Dagnino GB (ed.), Handbook of Research on Competitive Strategy. New York, NY: Edward Elgar Publishing. pp. 201-234 (2012) (with F.M. Garraffo).
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  • Understanding the Timing of ‘Fast-second’ Entry and the Relevance of Capabilities in Innovation vs. Commercialization. Research Policy, Vol. 38, pp. 86-95 (2009).
  • Relevance of Organizational Capabilities and Its Dynamics: What to Learn from Entrants’ Product Portfolios about the Determinants of Entry Timing. Strategic Management Journal, Vol. 29, No. 12, pp. 1257-1280 (2008).
  • Entry into Emergent and Uncertain Product Markets: The Role of Associative Rhetoric. Academy of Management Journal, Vol. 51, No. 6, pp. 1171-1188 (2008) (with Paruchuri S.).

Michael Morris, Department of Marketing and Entrepreneurship & Innovation Center

  • Entrepreneurship and the Modern University, Edward Elgar Publishing (with D. Kuratko and J. Cornwall) (2013).
  • Entrepreneurship and Leadership, Edward Elgar Publishing (co-edited with D. F. Kuratko) (2013).
  • Entrepreneurship as Experience: How Events Create Ventures and Ventures Create Entrepreneurs, Edward Elgar Publishing (with C. Pryor and M. Schindehutte) (2012).
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  • Microenterprise Growth at the Base of the Pyramid: A Resource-based Perspective, Journal of Developmental Entrepreneurship 18(4) (2013) (with J. Webb and R. Pillay).
  • Building Blocks for the Development of University-Wide Entrepreneurship, Entrepreneurship Research Journal (2014) (with D. Kuratko and C. Pryor).
  • A Competency-Based Perspective on Entrepreneurship Education: Conceptual and Empirical Insights, Journal of Small Business Management, 51(3) (2013), 352-369 (with J. Webb).
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  • Strategic Renewal as a Mediator of Environmental Effects on Public Sector Performance, Small Business Economics (forthcoming).
  • Understanding the Dynamics of Entrepreneurship through Framework Approaches, Small Business Economics, (forthcoming)
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  • Expertise, University Infrastructure and Cognitive Logic: Assessing Students Who Start Ventures, Proceedings, 2015 Annual Meetings, United States Association for Small Business and Entrepreneurship.
  • Addressing Contextual Ambiguity in Entrepreneurship Research, 2015 Academy of Management Meetings.
  • Entrepreneurial Orientation and Firm Growth: A Configuration of the Firm’s Strategic Orientations and Environment’s Technological Sophistication, 2015 Academy of Management Meetings.
  • Editor, Annals of Entrepreneurship Education and Pedagogy, Chichester, UK: Edward Elgar Publishing.

Nola Miyasaki, Entrepreneurship & Innovation Center

  • Can Universities Really Help Students Start Ventures? Annals of Entrepreneurship Education and Pedagogy, Chichester, UK: Edward Elgar Publishing, pp.177-199.

Xaver Neumeyer, Entrepreneurship & Innovation Center

  • Entrepreneurial Thinking in Interdisciplinary Student Teams, Advances in Engineering Education, Special Issue on Engineering Entrepreneurship Education (2014) (with A.F. McKenna).
  • Examining the Role of Inquiry-Based Learning in Entrepreneurship Education, Proceedings of NCIIA’s 17th Annual Conference (2013), Washington, D.C.
  • Assessing collaborative expertise in student design and innovation teams, Proceedings of the 7th Annual Interdisciplinary Network of Group research conference. 2012, INGRoup: Chicago, IL (with M. Marasco and A.F. McKenna).
  • The Link between Students’ Social Networks and Entrepreneurial Intention, Journal of Engineering Education, (forthcoming).
  • Entrepreneurial Thinking in Interdisciplinary Student Teams (to appear in a 2015 special issue on entrepreneurship education), Advances in Engineering Education.
  • Diffusion of Research-based Instructional Strategies: The Case of SCALE-UP, International Journal of STEM Education, 1(1), 1-18.

Jay Ritter, Department of Finance

  • Local Underwriter Oligopolies and IPO Underpricing (2011). Journal of Financial Economics, 102(3), 579-601 (with X. Liu).
  • The Economic Consequences of IPO Spinning (2010). Review of Financial Studies, hhq002 (with X. Liu).
  • “Growth Capital-backed IPOs” (2014) (working paper), available at SSRN 2439907.

Steve Shugan, Department of Marketing

  • Ignore Successful Followers–Entry is Still Urgent. Journal of Marketing Research, 46, 151-154 (2009).

Chien-Chi Tseng, Entrepreneurship & Innovation Center

  • Connecting self-directed learning with entrepreneurial learning to entrepreneurial performance. International Journal of Entrepreneurial Behaviour & Research, 19(4), 425-446 (2013).
  • Linking entrepreneurial infrastructures and new business development: A study of entrepreneurship development in Taiwan. Journal of Entrepreneurship, 21(1), 117-132 (2012).
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  • The efficiency of microfinance on entrepreneurial opportunity and economic competitiveness in emerging markets. 2014 United States Association for Small Business and Entrepreneurship Annual Meeting. Fort Worth, Texas. (2014) (with M.H. Morris) (Best Paper in Social Entrepreneurship Award for 2014 USASBE)
  • Connecting self-directed learning with entrepreneurial learning. 2013 Academy of Management Annual Meetings. Orlando, Florida (2013).
  • Entrepreneurial efficiency, cultural development, and economic competence. 2013 United States Association for Small Business and Entrepreneurship Conference. San Francisco, California (2013) (with J.J. Kraft).
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  • Linking strategic organizational learning practices, learning satisfaction, and learning effectiveness. 2011 Strategic Management Society Annual Conference. Miami, Florida (2011).
  • An examination of learning organization practices for small enterprises in Taiwan: Their effects on organizational commitment. 2011 United States Association for Small Business and Entrepreneurship Annual Meeting. Hilton Head, South Carolina (2011).
  • The impact of learning organization practices on small and medium enterprises’ organizational commitment and effectiveness. 2009 Academy of Management Annual Meeting. Chicago, Illinois (2009).

Jinhong Xie, Department of Marketing

  • Survival in markets with network effects: Product compatibility and order-of-entry effects. Journal of Marketing, 74(4), 1-14 (2010) (with Q. Wang and Y. Chen).

Peter Zubcsek, Department of Marketing

  • Product Ideation in Social Networks. Social Science Research Network Working Paper Series, (2013)(with A.T. Stephen and J. Goldenberg).
  • Network effects and personal influences: The diffusion of an online social network. Journal of Marketing Research, 48(3), 425-443 (2011) (with Z. Katona and M. Sarvary).