A baby gator being held in a hand
Gator Hatchery

The Gator Hatchery is a student business incubator that provides all UF student entrepreneurs with co-working space, office support, mentors, and other resources necessary for early-stage growth. Hatchery businesses will have access to the Entrepreneurship and Innovation Center’s network of individuals, alumni companies, and other resources fledgling companies may find valuable. We can help you grow your hatchling idea into a bull gator business!

The Gator Hatchery is open to all students at UF, from first-year students to PhD, and offers:

  • Free co-working office space
  • Alumni mentoring and support
  • Peer to peer networking and support
  • Business startup Coaching
  • Conference room
  • Shared office equipment

How to Apply

Students that pass the application process will be awarded a residency for one year. In turn for the support received from the Gator Hatchery and the Entrepreneurship Center, residents must meet their agreed upon milestones to move their businesses forward.