Video Services

  • Studio lecture & interview recording
  • Marketing or informational video production
  • Guest speaker/classroom recording
  • Video editing
  • Digital file conversion
  • VHS or DVD to file conversion
  • YouTube video creation

Obtaining Service

For scheduling IMBA, OBSBA and all other recordings or services contact Chris Smith directly.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where is the studio located?

The studio is located in Stuzin Hall, Room 303L.

I’m new to online course recording, what is the process of getting my course created?

First, contact the Teaching & Learning Center, to schedule an appointment with an instructional designer. Then, contact Video Specialist Chris Smith via email to schedule a studio consultation and course recording.

What should I wear to a studio recording?

Male instructors are asked to wear a collared shirt (Polo shirts are acceptable). Female instructors are asked to avoid wearing loose-fitting jewelry, especially necklaces and bracelets) that may make noise as those tend to interfere with the microphone.

Please avoid wearing shirts with very bright colors or complex patterns.