LISTSERV & Email Lists

The following email lists have been created to allow distribution of email to groups within the Warrington College of Business. Before using the LISTSERV mailing lists, please take a moment to review the guidelines of use.

Guidelines for Use of Email Lists

  • Email lists shall be used to facilitate College business. These lists may not be used for commercial, personal, or political messages.
  • The University of Florida’s Acceptable Use Policy must be followed by anyone utilizing these lists.
  • Messages submitted to these lists must originate from the University of Florida’s email domain. Submissions from email addresses which do not end in “” will not be accepted.
  • To properly distribute email messages to a wide audience, choose the smallest list that will adequately reach the intended audience.
  • Avoid using multiple addresses in the address lines (To:, cc: and bcc:) when sending to large email lists. This may result in multiple copies of the same message, and may be inappropriately labeled as a “spam.”

UF Listserv Resources

Warrington Email Lists

The following lists are auto-populated by the College’s Information Technology Support Programs office and are restricted to administrative users. If assistance is required, submit a Help Ticket.

Messages will be approved by one of the assigned list approvers.

Official Lists

Informal Lists

Other Lists
These lists are not auto-populated or maintained by Information Technology Support Programs.

Course Mailing Lists

UF’s faculty listserv service is accessible via the ONE.UF portal. List owners and class rolls are automatically created and refreshed daily once a class is registered. For more information on UF’s faculty listserv service, you can access the step-by-step system simulation and a printable PDF instruction guide. If you need listserv assistance, contact the UF Computing Help Desk (352-392-4357, option 3).

GatorLink: GatorLink addresses are the default for all students. Please tell your students to check their GatorLink accounts daily. If students prefer to use a different email account, they must modify their forwarding address on the GatorLink web site. If students indicate they are not getting mailings it is almost always because their GatorLink is not configured properly or their mail is improperly forwarded. You can submit a Help Ticket to explore reasons a student may not be receiving course mail.

List Use Rights: Instructors and class coordinators can email all sections of their class. TA’s can email their assigned sections only.

Recipients: When you send a message to the assigned class email address, it goes to every student enrolled in your class.

Replies & Forwards: Any message that anyone else tries to post or reply to will come back to you only, not to the entire list. You can then forward it to the entire list if you deem appropriate.

Error Reports: After you send a message, you may receive a series of Error Reports, which, indicate bad addresses that students have provided to GatorLink. You may want to alert them to correct these with GatorLink. The error reports may continue for a number of days as GatorLink continues to try to deliver the mail to the bad address.