Directory Profiles

Information on the profile pages comes from various sources including UF and Warrington data, as well as Digital Measures. As faculty and staff of Warrington, you can edit much of your own information. Note that edits in our College directory database or Digital Measures may take a few hours to show up on your profile, however, edits to UF’s information in myUFL will take up to 24 hours.

UF & Warrington Data

While you have access to edit some information, designated directory editors have received training and access to make edits for people in their department. In addition to what you can edit, they can edit positions, titles, and affiliations. The editors for each department are as follows:

To make edits to directory information, go to the College directory login and use the search feature to find your entry. The editable information includes:

  • Links tab:
    • Homepage: If you have a professional website, enter the full web address in the field provided. It must begin with http:// or https:// to be valid.
    • CV: If you have your CV hosted somewhere, enter the full web address in the field provided. Remember that if the CV file name changes, your link will break. If it is not hosted anywhere, send it to the Warrington Webmaster, so it can be placed on a server and linked up.
    • Social links: It’s a great idea to include a link to your LinkedIn on your directory profile! Additionally, if you use Twitter for professional purposes, you’re also welcome to list that link. Questions about this or social media best practices? Reach out to Laura Vickery, social media manager at Warrington.
  • Employee tab: positions, titles and affiliations can only be edited by designated directory editors
  • Settings tab:
    • Short Bio: Add or edit your biography text.
    • Research Areas: If you have research areas, you can add or edit them in this area. They will be displayed in the order they are entered.
    • Hide your listing from the public Warrington directory, but we highly recommend that you leave it showing.
    • Hide your Warrington news feed from your profile page.

If you are editing your information and have questions, please contact your designated directory editor. If a designated directory editor has questions, they should contact Laura Braden.

Portrait Photos

To set up a photo session, please contact Ben Simons. If you already have a photo from a session with him, let him know which one you would like to use for your profile page. For branding purposes, the College would prefer photos taken by Ben but if you prefer a portrait from another source, please email a high-resolution, uncropped version to the Warrington Webmaster.


When viewing an entry in the College directory database, a small “UF” next to some information indicates that it comes from UF’s data. Clicking the “UF” link will take you to myUFL. From there, go to the Main Menu, My Account, and then Update My Directory Profile. We are using the “Display Name” for our directory profiles. Update the information as needed. It may take up to 24 hours for these changes to show up on your profile.

Digital Measures Data

Departments may have their own designated Digital Measures editors, different from the directory editor list above. However, faculty can go to the Digital Measures login and make changes to their own information which includes, but is not limited to:

  • Education: the “Highest Degree You Have Earned” will need to be edited by Mike King, as it is used as an accreditation metric.
  • Publications: individual publications can be set to be hidden from profile pages.
  • Courses taught: please use full, unabbreviated course titles.

If you have any questions about Digital Measures, please contact Mike King.

Warrington News Feed

If you have a news feed on your profile page, it is coming from the Warrington Newsroom website and is based on stories that you are tagged in. This news feed can be hidden using the College directory database and going to the Settings tab, then checking where it says “Hide News”. If you have questions about articles in the Warrington Newsroom, please reach out to Cody Jones or Allison Alsup.