Electric Car Requests

The Warrington College of Business received a gift of an electric vehicle from Alan and Andrew Starling. The vehicle is available for full-time faculty and staff in the Warrington College of Business only. This vehicle may be parked in any UF service drive, brown, orange, or red parking lots, state vehicles can also park in metered parking for free. The vehicle cannot be parked in a parking spot that has a reserved sign. If the vehicle receives a ticket, the driver pays that ticket with their own personal funds. The electronic vehicle (EV) is on the EMS room schedule and available for check out to be driven to other parts of UF campus and/or any Gainesville destination for a UF Business purpose. Only individuals that have requested approval and meet the criteria will be allowed to make a reservation in the EMS system for the car. The College must follow University-Owned Vehicle Usage procedures. Any operator must meet this criteria:

  • possess a valid driver’s license
  • clean driving record
  • be employed full-time in the UF Warrington College of Business as faculty or staff (USPS or TEAMS)

If you are not already authorized please follow Step 1 to be approved. If you are already approved you can skip step 1 and proceed straight to step 2 to make a reservation.

Step 1

If you need to be authorized, please fill out the approval form:

Step 2

After you have been approved and added to the insurance plan you can proceed to the EMS system to make a reservation.