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Aston Business School

Birmingham, England

Aston University was established in 1895, and has a proven record of academic excellence. The Aston Business School is one of largest and most highly regarded business schools in Europe. Located in the bustling city of Birmingham, there are many social and cultural activities available for students to enjoy. The university embraces international culture and hosts students from over 65 countries around the world. Aston is known for its close-knit campus atmosphere, allowing for international students to feel at home during their stay.

Please note: students are not accepted into the program until they submit their application and deposit to the UF International Center. You can start your online application today!

The City

Birmingham City Center in England

With a population of more than one million people, Birmingham is the second largest city in the UK and is internationally recognized as a leader in leisure, entertainment, business, sporting events, and industry. There are several world-class art collections in Birmingham, as well as many museums, cinemas, and bars. The city is historically known as an industrial hub in Britain, but in recent years has become a cosmopolitan center with first-class social and cultural attractions. Birmingham also hosts many festivals throughout the year including an international jazz festival, a film and television festival, and a comedy festival.

Student Life

Fountains and buildings on Aston Business School campus, Birmingham, England

Aston’s campus is located in the center of the city, making most attractions and conveniences within walking distance of the university. With approximately 50,000 college students living in Birmingham, the nightlife is thriving and the club scene is widely viewed as Britain’s best. Student discounts are offered in many pubs, cafes, and restaurants throughout the city, making these activities more affordable. Aston provides many support services and activities for exchange students. The HOST program is also sponsored by the University. This program allows international students to spend weekends and holidays with local families, enabling them to experience traditional British culture.

Aston Study & Internship Program

UF Students have the opportunity to apply for the Aston Study & Internship program this spring and summer semester. UF students can review internship openings during the application period and apply for a placement in conjunction with their Aston exchange study application. Accepted students will receive an internship placement offer prior to arriving in England. Students then complete a full academic semester of courses at the Aston Business School before beginning the 8 week business internship with a company in Birmingham, UK. Students will work in their internship placements through early August and receive a small stipend to offset living accommodations during the period they are working.

Interested students should submit a resume and cover letter via email by September 15.

Available Internship Placements (Early May to Early August):

Town Hall in Chamberlain Square, Birmingham, England

Term Dates

Fall Semester: October to January*
Spring Semester: January to June

*UF students can study at Aston during the spring semester, or for the academic year.

Courses Available

Aston University offers a variety of business courses for students to choose from. Use our course equivalency database to find out which courses at Aston can apply to your UF degree. Please see an academic advisor for information pertaining to requesting additional equivalencies.

Language of Instruction

Courses are taught in English.

Grade Conversion

Aston points fromAston points toUF grade

Credit Conversion

Aston CreditUF Credit
5 ECTS credits3 UF Credits (5 X .6 = 3)
10 ECTS credits6 UF Credits (10 X .6 = 6)

ECTS X .6 = UF credit (rounded)

Credit conversion is on a course-by-course basis – NOT the sum of credits earned.

Estimated Expenses

Rough Expense ComparisonSemester at UFSemester at ABS
UF Tuition$3,190$3,190
UFIC Admin. Fee-$375
Health Insurance-$170
Housing / Utilities$2,720$4,800
Internet / Cable$625$160


British Pound.


Aston provides resources for students to secure on or off-campus accommodation. There are over 2000 single rooms available on Aston’s campus, and international students are guaranteed accommodation if staying for the academic year. Exchange students staying only for the spring semester usually have to secure housing off-campus. The international office keeps a list of affordable off-campus accommodations that they share with semester students.

Travel Opportunities

Canal in Birmingham, England

Birmingham is easily accessible to many areas in the UK due to the fact that it is conveniently located near an extensive network of motorways and railways, as well as the Birmingham International Airport. London can be reached in about 90 minutes by train or two hours by car. There are also many ferries that travel from the UK to other countries in Europe, such as France, Spain, Belgium, and The Netherlands.

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