BABA General Studies Specialization: International Studies

The International Studies (IS) area of specialization encourages students to investigate the global nature of business, culture and politics. The program and curriculum is tailored to prepare individuals interested in a position in the global job market. Classes selected to complete the area of specialization requirements feature an interdisciplinary approach to the study of the functional areas of business and should increase awareness of cross-cultural, societal, and business differences. For career information visit the UF Career Connections Center.


Students who choose the International Studies area of specialization must have a 3.0 UF GPA and are required to study abroad for at least one semester in a program of a minimum of six weeks in length. The area requires that students complete a maximum of four classes totaling 12 hours from any of the 3000-4000 level pre-approved courses in this document and complete a minimum of 12 hours of business or international business courses, preferably during study abroad. If students are interested in taking UF courses currently not approved to count toward this area of specialization, they can submit a course description along with a College Petition to a Heavener School of Business advisor to have the course added to the present roster. Check UF course prerequisite requirements carefully, as many of the courses listed below require students to take either INR 2001 Introduction to International Relations or CPO 2001 Comparative Politics, which cannot be used to satisfy the area of specialization. Visit the Undergraduate Catalog Courses page to find more details for each course.

  • AEB 4242 International Trade Policy in Agriculture
  • AEB 4282 International Humanitarian Assistance
  • AEB 4283 International Development Policy
  • AEB 4343 International Agricultural Marketing
  • AEC 3073 Intercultural Communication
  • AFH 4250 Modern Africa
  • ANT 4266 Economic Anthropology
  • ANT 4354 The Anthropology of Modern Africa
  • CHT 3500 Chinese Culture
  • CPO 3204 African Politics
  • CPO 3303 Introduction to Latin American Politics
  • CPO 3614 Central and Eastern European Politics (also listed as EUS 3930)
  • CPO 3614 Eastern European Politics
  • CPO 4034 The Politics of Developing Nations
  • CPO 4104 The Politics and Institutions of the EU (also listed as EUS 4210)
  • ECO 3704 International Trade
  • ECO 4730 The Firm in the Global Economy
  • ECS 3403 Economic Development of Latin America
  • ECS 4203 Economies of East Asia
  • EUH 3206 Twentieth-Century Europe
  • EUH 3564 Central and Eastern Europe in the 20th Century
  • EUH 4282 History of Cold War Europe
  • EUH 4610 Society and the Sexes in Modern Europe, 18C to the Present
  • EUS 4210 The Politics and Institutions of the EU (also listed as CPO 4104)
  • EUS 4211 European Union’s Enlargement (also listed as POS 4931)
  • FOT 4806 Translation for Diplomacy, Law and European Union Issues
  • FRE 3224 France and the European Union
  • FRE 3440 Commercial French
  • FRE 3442 Contemporary French Commerce
  • FRE 3564 Contemporary French Culture
  • FRT 4523 European Identities, European Cinema (also listed as ENG 4135)
  • GEA 3500 Geography of Europe
  • GEA 3502 Economic Geography
  • GEA 3600 Geography of Africa
  • GEA 3602 Urban and Business Geography
  • GEB 4956 International Studies in Business
  • GER 3440 German in Business
  • INR 3034 Politics of the World Economy
  • INR 3084 Culture and World Politics
  • INR 3102 The US and World Affairs
  • INR 3333 Introduction to International Security
  • INR 3502 International Institutions
  • INR 3603 International Relations’ Theory
  • INR 4035 Rich and Poor Countries
  • INR 4083 War and Peace in World Politics
  • INR 4204 Comparative Foreign Policy
  • INR 4244 International Politics of Latin America
  • INR 4303 The Making of American Foreign Policy
  • INR 4350 International Environmental Relations
  • INR 4531 The Politics of the European Union (also listed as EUS 4931)
  • JPT 3500 Japanese Culture
  • MMC 4302 World Communications Systems
  • POS 4956 Economics and Politics of the EU
  • PUR 4404C International Public Relations
  • RUT 3600 The Twentieth Century Through Slavic Eyes
  • SPC 4710 Patterns of Intercultural Communication
  • SPN 3440 Commercial Spanish
  • SPN 3510 Culture and Civilization of Spain
  • SYD 3630 Latin American Societies
  • SYD 4701 European Nationalism (also listed as EUS 4930)
  • URP 3001 Cities of the World

Special topics courses with the numbers 3224, 3930, 3931 4930, 4931, 4932, 4934, 4950, 4956 may be found in departments using the course prefixes: ANT, CZE, CZT, EUH, EUS, GET, HIS, JST, POS, PSY, SPN, SYA, WST

Study Abroad Requirement

Students are required to study abroad for this area of specialization and are encouraged to participate in a Heavener sponsored or Warrington exchange program. While studying abroad, students should complete at least 12 hours of courses in business or international business. Advisors in the Heavener International Programs office will assist students in selecting universities and courses suitable to their field of study and interests.

Contact Information

To declare International Studies as an area of specialization, please contact an advisor in the Heavener School of Business. For registration and scheduling, it may be necessary to contact the department teaching the course.