February 7, 2022

Living Healthier Lives with Abbott

Amie Heap
Amie Heap, Director of Health Policy, Education and Alliance & Director, Abbott Nutrition Health Institute
Danielle Variant
Danielle Virant, Vice President of Commercial Services, Abbott Nutrition

Amie Heap, the Director of Health Policy, Education and Alliance & the Director of the Abbott Nutrition Health Institute, and Danielle Virant, the Vice President of Commercial Services at Abbott Nutrition, introduced the retail seminar class to the facts about Abbott, their products, values, and beneficial projects.

Abbott is a global healthcare company focusing on scientific research and nutritional products. They are people-oriented, and the employees are passionate about their job because they always feel rewarded and recognized for helping people in need. With the excellent brand image and reputation they built throughout the 130+ years of history, their products are trusted and recognized globally by consumers and healthcare professionals. They love to give back to the community and are dedicated to helping people live better lives.

During this global pandemic, Abbott strives to help people in need and make access and affordability core to their new product innovation. They firmly believe that a sustainable future starts with health, and tightly create their business plan and manage their business model around sustainability. They are trying their best to transform care, tackle global malnutrition, and advance health equity through partnership. Abbott is always motivated to work harder and help more by recognizing the challenges they are facing and is committed to reaching more people and improving their lives.

Getting Comfortable Being Uncomfortable

Roger Antoniazzo
Roger Antoniazzo, Senior Manager, Talent Acquisition and University Relations, Abbott

This week Retail You! welcomed guest speaker Roger Antoniazzo, Senior Manager for Talent Acquisition and University Relations at Abbott. Roger spoke to students about getting comfortable being uncomfortable. He explained it means you’re getting used to being outside of your comfort zone and pursuing these situations healthy for growth. Roger shared “you can’t run away from change” and provided great suggestions to students on how to determine your own accelerators in life to help move into less than comfortable situations with readiness. The presentation was engaging and fun as Roger assisted the group with ways to confront situations that make us uncomfortable so we can manage it in the future.