Internship Course Outline

This course is designed to supplement what the student will learn during the internship. Throughout the semester, interns will have the opportunity to evaluate the program and the internship as well as receive evaluations from the company.

Students will be guided through interviews with supervisors to create a network of support throughout the learning experience.

All students participating in the course will be invited free of charge to participate in the Annual Retailing Smarter Symposium, scheduled in June. The interns will be supervised throughout the summer by the associate director who is available for career counseling, assignment questions and support for students making the transition from classroom to career.

As the internship progresses, students are challenged to research topics of their choice. The students are encouraged to work with their retailer in resolving company issues as part of their research. Many students present their findings to upper management, district, regional ‐‐ even corporate audiences.

After the internship, students are invited to apply for the Student Advisory Board. These students are chosen to support and represent their company. Student Advisory Board members frequently assist in recruiting activities at the Career Showcase, speak in information sessions, classrooms, workshops, and student organizations. The Student Advisory Board advises the Center on recruiting and outreach strategies for involving UF students in retail opportunities.