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Retail You!

Are you serious about retail? This colloquium is for you.

All UF students can be part of an exclusive development program designed to prepare students for retail executive internships and careers. Retail You! is a weekly Friday morning colloquium (9-10:30) complete with:

  • personality assessments – learn who you really are, how you perceive the world and how you make decisions
  • communication development sessions – understand how to communicate with executives
  • workshops – learn how to work with different generations, develop your personal brand, careers in retailing
  • executive speakers
  • case project for money and travel – receive faculty guidance and senior support pursuing prestigious award
  • career coaching – have continuous access to and support from Miller Center career advisor
  • individual mentors – partnered with experienced advisory board seniors to assist in your retail development
  • …and breakfast. We realize it’s morning.

The experience will bring you to the forefront of what the industry seeks in its future talent and prepare you to fast-track your career in the industry. This is not a class. It’s an event. It is a weekly forum for students committed to solid retail business development. Assistance in local part time retail work will be offered as well as access to executives and retail recruiting tips.