Overregulation Threatens the Digital Economy

America has a vibrant history of innovation and entrepreneurship. This heritage laid the foundation for today’s bustling e-marketplace and its unparalleled successes. Ninety-five percent of Americans participate, creating over 10 percent of US gross domestic product. Nearly three-fourths of small businesses credit ecommerce for their survival through the pandemic. Fifty-three percent reported in 2023 that [...]

News10NBC Investigates: What would a public takeover of RG&E look like?

The Rochester City Council previously agreed to set aside money to help fund a feasibility study, but the cash is contingent on Monroe County coming up with additional funding and leading the effort to commission the study — which it has not agreed to do. Among others, Metro Justice, United Auto Workers 1097 and the [...]

When It Comes to Big Tech, Regulatory Ambition Ignores Consumers’ Choices

In the halls of the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) and across the Atlantic in the chambers of the European Commission (EC), not to mention within the borders of Florida and Texas, government officials seem to believe they are better suited than market forces to shape the futures of successful tech platforms like Amazon, Apple, Facebook, [...]

Protecting Broadband Freedom: A Call for Light-Handed Regulation

The Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act (IIJA) marked a significant change in tactics for bridging the digital divide—the gap between broadband haves and have-nots—by ushering in the federal Broadband Equity, Access, and Deployment (BEAD) program. Intended to bring the digital age into unserved and underserved areas, the BEAD program is armed with $42.45 billion allocated [...]

The FCC’s Regulatory Overreach Threatens American Broadband Prosperity

In a concerning turn of events, the now Democrat-controlled Federal Communications Commission (FCC) is expanding its control of telecommunications beyond what the agency had in the days of Ma Bell’s monopoly. As a result, Americans are facing diminished broadband services at a higher cost. The FCC is overreaching on two fronts. One is its push [...]