European Commission’s AI regulations would limit possibility

The Executive Branch of the European Commission is working hard to protect Europeans from a promising future. Read the full article "European Commission's AI regulations would limit possibility" on AEI.

The EU should take an evolutionary approach to artificial intelligence regulation

Should people be worried about AI? Yes, but they should be more worried about AI regulation. Read the full post "The EU should take an evolutionary approach to artificial intelligence regulation" on AEI.

Research shows that blocking mergers improves innovation? Not so fast!

A recent paper and accompanying blog conclude that merger policy in tech should block more mergers, including mergers that would make consumers better off, because doing so increases innovation. That’s pretty surprising! Even if each approved merger makes consumers better off, the overall effect is consumer harm? How could that be? Read Dr. Mark Jamison's [...]

Google vs US attorneys generals

Attorneys Generals from 48 states, Puerto Rico, and Washington DC have launched an investigation into Google for possible antitrust violations. Is there a basis for these investigations, or are the AG’s trying to get a say in how to run the tech giant? Watch Dr. Mark Jamison's take on the antitrust probe online at AEI.

Journalism needs new business models, not more complaints about Big Tech

People seeking government protections from market competition generally tell a story about the nobility of their work and how society suffers if the protection-seekers face competition. The Bell System monopoly argued that rural America would lose telephone service if MCI was allowed to provide long distance service. Google, Facebook et al. argued that net neutrality [...]