The Crypto Crash Is Good for Crypto

The recent fall in cryptocurrency (crypto) and non-fungible token (NFT) values has led to anxiety, finger wagging, and calls for regulation. This is not surprising; bitcoin prices have fallen by one-third in the last 30 days. The largest crypto exchange, Coinbase, is laying off nearly one-fifth of its workforce. And the largest crypto lender, Celsius, [...]

Taking the cryptic out of cryptocurrency

Cryptocurrency is a mystery to many of us. In this episode of From Florida, Mark Jamison provides a straightforward explanation of cryptocurrency’s origins, how it works, why it’s attractive to some investors, what regulators are looking at and implications of cryptocurrency for the average person. He also talks about the one big question no one [...]

America should build on the Swiss model to regulate cryptocurrency

With the explosion of cryptocurrencies such as bitcoin, technology today has once again leapt far ahead of existing regulatory systems. Read "America should build on the Swiss model to regulate cryptocurrency" on The Hill.

Cryptocurrency: A challenge for regulators

When it comes to cryptocurrency, governments will have to change their traditional approach to regulation. Watch "Cryptocurrency: A challenge for regulators | In 60 Seconds" on YouTube.

Should you invest in bitcoin?

The price of bitcoin has skyrocketed and plummeted over the past several months. Many are left wondering: Is cryptocurrency the investment opportunity of a lifetime, or a bubble that is doomed to burst? Watch "Should you invest in bitcoin? | In 60 seconds" on AEI.