Biden and Europeans Work Together to Stifle Competition and Innovation

In their misguided attempts to foster competition and innovation, US and European regulators are forging shackles for the very engines that drive technological progress. The Department of Justice, Federal Trade Commission, and state attorneys general have launched numerous antitrust cases against Big Tech companies like Alphabet, Apple, and Meta, while the European Union has introduced [...]

Open App Markets Act: A Misguided Approach That Could Stifle America

Rumor has it the Open App Markets Act (OAMA) could make a comeback in Congress. Its supporters posit that large tech companies, such as Apple and Alphabet, are throttling competition and innovation. Yet these arguments run contrary to objective evidence. And the stakes are high—not only does OAMA-like legislation risk undoing Congressional efforts to address [...]

Biden’s Team Causes the Problems He Says He Wants to Solve

President Joe Biden made promoting competition a prominent feature of his economic agenda. When issuing his executive order on competition, the president said, “Capitalism without competition isn’t capitalism; it’s exploitation. . . We can bring back more competition to more of the country, helping entrepreneurs and small businesses get in the game.” Then why is [...]

Biden’s Attack on Tech and Competition

President Joe Biden wants to have your online cake and eat it too. His 2023 State of the Union address included numerous announcements of controls on industries and types of citizens. Each deserves to be critiqued, because a government-run economy becomes a failed economy. But I will limit my comments here to his plans for [...]

Congress Could Weaken U.S. Competitiveness with These Two Bills

Two bills currently being considered by the U.S. Senate—the American Innovation and Choice Online Act (AICOA) and the Open App Markets Act (OAMA)—would, if passed and signed into law, result in significant redesigns of technology platforms of the U.S. companies Apple, Meta (owner of Facebook), Alphabet (owner of Google), and Amazon. Microsoft might also be [...]