The Federal Trade Commission’s Strange Assertion: Meta Dominates a Market That Doesn’t Exist

The Federal Trade Commission’s (FTC) timing could not have been worse: On the same day that Meta released its second quarter financial results, showing a 36 percent decline in net income and a 14 percent drop in ad prices because of rising competition, the FTC filed to block Meta’s acquisition of a fitness app, claiming [...]

Incoherence in the War on Big Tech

The bipartisan and multinational attack on US tech companies has become incoherent. It always had weak intellectual foundations, which is why arguments against Big Tech firms are long on mantras about them being gigantic and bad, ad hominem attacks, and fearmongering. Now the arguments have become contradictory. The cases against Big Tech rest on a [...]

Big Tech is Not Going Away: Competition and Interoperability/Portability

Data portability and interoperability have often been promoted as ways to increase competition between digital platforms, but there is a debate on when and how data portability and interoperability could be implemented and how effective they would be in boosting competition and innovation. On June 1, the Bipartisan Policy Center hosted a virtual discussion with [...]

Break Up Big Tech? The Economics of Antitrust from Both Sides of the Question

The success of the digital economy has given rise to some of the wealthiest companies the world has ever known. Over the last decade or more, concerns have arisen among some economists about whether existing antitrust laws are adequate to address the market power exercised by these “Big Tech” companies and their products and platforms [...]

Roku’s dispute with YouTube does not imply market power

Alphabet Inc. recently announced its YouTube video-sharing service would leave the streaming platform Roku on December 9 after a long public dispute between the two tech leaders. Some members of Congress have noticed and are using it as an opportunity to promote their Big Tech antitrust legislation, claiming Alphabet’s move is proof of market power. [...]