Roku’s dispute with YouTube does not imply market power

Alphabet Inc. recently announced its YouTube video-sharing service would leave the streaming platform Roku on December 9 after a long public dispute between the two tech leaders. Some members of Congress have noticed and are using it as an opportunity to promote their Big Tech antitrust legislation, claiming Alphabet’s move is proof of market power. [...]

3 holes in the antitrust cases against Facebook

Wednesday was a tough day for 46 state attorneys general and the Federal Trade Commission (FTC), who had filed antitrust lawsuits against Facebook in December 2020. On Wednesday, they got their first taste of Facebook’s rebuttal in the form of motions to dismiss the cases (here and here). It’s not looking good for the government’s [...]

Public Policy for Big Tech Workshop

Thursday, April 8, 2021 9:00am - 12:00pm Eastern Daylight Time Apply Now! Big Tech companies have created substantial changes in how people communicate, gain information, engage in public discourse, create businesses, etc. Almost every facet of life. How should governments respond? What from the past should be protected and what needs to change for citizens [...]

What will governments do after Big Tech deplatformed Trump?

Launching a new administration involves thousands of decisions about appointments, budgets, executive orders, foreign leader contacts, legislative agendas, and the like. Planning begins long before the November election. But I suspect that President Joe Biden and his team are engrossed in at least one conversation no one had planned: What should we do about Twitter? [...]

What happens when the EU and Biden redesign Big Tech?

Some politicians, academics, and regulatory practitioners are increasingly confident that there is something wrong with the structure of Big Tech. They are equally confident that smart regulators can remold Big Tech and make things better. They are half right. Read Dr. Jamison's complete blog post at AEI