In Attacking Apple, the Department of Justice Fails to Grasp the Essence of Progress

Those who look forward to Apple (yet again) redefining the technological horizon, like it did with the iPhone, may need to temper their expectations. The US Department of Justice (DOJ) has taken an ill-conceived step with an antitrust lawsuit that, if successful, threatens to transform Apple from an industry maverick into just another phone maker. [...]

Economics Lost: The Unraveling of Antitrust at the DOJ and FTC

In the intricate realm where law meets economics, the Department of Justice’s (DOJ) and Federal Trade Commission’s (FTC) proposed revisions to their merger guidelines serve as a stark reminder of the perils that accompany regulatory misdirection. Announced in July 2023, the draft guidelines swiftly garnered criticism from all corners of the political spectrum, with legal [...]

Google’s Antitrust Trial Is a Misguided Crusade Threatening Innovation and Consumer Choice

In the age of technological innovation, the Department of Justice’s antitrust case against Google, now on trial, appears to be a misguided attempt to have lawyers reshape the digital landscape. The government asserts that this case is about the “future of the internet and whether Google will ever face meaningful competition,” and while the concern [...]

The Case Against Breaking Up Amazon: Embracing Innovation and Consumer Choice

Is the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) really out to break up Amazon? If so, it may be one of the greatest ideology-over-reason triumphs in American history. At stake are Amazon Prime, retail shopping driven by artificial intelligence (AI), and other past and future Amazon innovations that Americans love and depend on. Also at stake is [...]

The FTC Is Attacking Dark Patterns but Missing the Biggest Abusers

The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) is going after Amazon for allegedly using dark patterns to keep people subscribed to Amazon Prime, presumably against their wills. Dark patterns are “practices … that can trick or manipulate consumers into buying products or services or giving up their privacy,” according to an FTC report. The practices are effective [...]