The antitrust cases against Facebook are weak on evidence and logic

There is a lot of force behind the Federal Trade Commission’s (FTC) and state attorneys’ general (AGs) antitrust cases against Facebook. The number of elected officials who have already passed judgment is impressive. Like-minded activists, interest groups, and academics have been building toward these cases for years with books, papers, programs, and op-eds. But antitrust [...]

On Big Tech, antitrust, and the House Judiciary Committee majority staff’s recommendations

The House Judiciary Committee Antitrust subcommittee majority staff’s October 6 report on antitrust and Big Tech might be important if there is a Joe Biden administration or if the Democrats take control of both chambers of Congress. So it is worth digging into what it says, what it misses, and its possible implications. Read Dr. [...]

If the Justice Department’s antitrust suit against Google succeeds, consumers lose

Americans should watch their wallets: The US Department of Justice (DOJ) wants to lift between $1,800 and $2,600 annually from the average American who uses Google search. You won’t find those numbers in the DOJ press announcement or case filing in the antitrust suit against Google, but this is the likely consequence if the DOJ [...]

Debunking three common antitrust myths

Sometimes antitrust seems like an evidence-free zone. As with any topic, some writers on antitrust are happy to announce their opinions without explanation or evidence. More troubling are those who support their opinions with arguments that are known to be flawed. These unsupported arguments take the forms of myths that, if repeated enough, become part [...]

Google having quality products does not violate antitrust laws

Would the world be a better place if fewer people used Google search? Not according to the hundreds of millions of Google users worldwide. Unfortunately, some people involved in antitrust think the users are wrong. And if the company’s detractors get their way, consumers will be worse off. Read Dr. Mark Jamison's full blog post [...]