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Allison Villarreal

Studying real estate at UF gives us as graduates a competitive edge. We are able to combine our technical knowledge with the networks that we’ve built to stand out amongst the crowd of applicants applying for the same jobs as us. The MSRE program allows us to maximize our potential and sets us up for success beyond the classroom.

Allison Villarreal
University of Florida Master of Science in Real Estate Class of 2018

Program at a Glance

Tuition: In-state: $18,051 | Out-of-State: $42,690
(Additional university fees may apply. Prices subject to change.)

Start Dates: End of June, August & January

Professional Development Fee: $450

Students enrolled in Hough Masters programs pay a professional development fee which is used to develop key professional traits attractive to employers. Examples include team building activities, case competitions, career workshops, networking events, conferences and guest speakers. International students may pay a higher fee for workshops that address an introduction to the U.S. academic culture, working in teams, professional presentations and English writing skills appropriate for a business environment.

Four Program Options