Student Profiles

Current MSRE students
2018-2019 MSRE

Class of 2019

  • Alex Adams
    Alex Adams

    Intro Video
    Location: South Florida
    Interests: Acquisitions, Development

  • Mario Agosto
    Mario Agosto

    Intro Video
    Location: Florida, Georgia, Washington D.C.
    Interests: Acquisitions

  • Carlos Alfonso
    Carlos Alfonso

    LinkedIn | Intro Video
    Location: Tampa, Orlando, Miami, Atlanta
    Interests: Finance, Development

  • Natalie Anthony
    Natalie Anthony

    LinkedIn | Intro Video
    Location: Tampa, Charlotte, Jacksonville
    Interests: Asset Management, Leasing, Acquisitions, Investment Sales

  • Carlos Ardavin
    Carlos Ardavin

    LinkedIn | Intro Video
    Location: Miami, New York, Chicago
    Interests: Development, Investment Sales, Acquisitions, Finance

  • Richard 'Alex' Caputo
    Richard “Alex” Caputo

    LinkedIn | Intro Video
    Location: Florida, Dallas
    Interests: RE Private Equity, REITs, Development, Asset Management

  • Tori Carmichael
    Tori Carmichael

    Intro Video
    Location: Major markets in the Southeast
    Interests: Development, Investment Management, Asset Management, Mortgage Finance

  • Frank Cubas
    Frank Cubas

    Intro Video
    Location: Tampa, South Florida
    Interests: Acquisitions, Development

  • Andrew Dale
    Andrew Dale

    LinkedIn | Intro Video
    Location: Tampa, South Florida, Atlanta, New York
    Interests: Development, Capital Markets, Investment Sales, Private Equity

  • Luke Duffack
    Luke Duffack

    Intro Video
    Location: South Florida
    Interests: Multifamily Investment Sales

  • John Farese
    John Farese

    Intro Video
    Location: Tampa, Austin, Charlotte, Charleston
    Interests: Development

  • Jenai Ferguson
    Jenai Ferguson

    Intro Video
    Location: Major markets in the Southeast, Seattle, Palm Beach
    Interests: Development, Acquisitions

  • Aaron Garfinkel
    Aaron Garfinkel

    LinkedIn | Intro Video
    Location: Florida, Atlanta, California, Nashville
    Interests: Investment Sales, Acquisitions, Asset Management, Private Equity

  • Chris Hall
    Chris Hall

    Intro Video
    Location: Boston, Tampa, California
    Interests: Finance, Investment Sales

  • Jonathon Howard
    Jonathon Howard

    Intro Video
    Placed: UBS
    Location: New York, NY

  • Kandace Keeling
    Kandace Keeling

    Intro Video
    Location: Major markets in Florida, Atlanta, Austin, Dallas
    Interests: Acquisitions, Asset Management, Finance, Investment, Lending

  • Jackson Kilcoyne
    Jackson Kilcoyne

    Intro Video
    Location: Florida, New York, Washington D.C.
    Interests: Investment Sales, Development, Brokerage

  • Brandon Krumins
    Brandon Krumins

    LinkedIn | Intro Video
    Placed: Foley & Lardner LLP
    Associate Attorney
    Location: Orlando, FL

  • Kyle Larsen
    Kyle Larsen

    LinkedIn | Intro Video
    Location: Florida, Tennessee, North Carolina, East Georgia, Colorado, South Carolina, Austin
    Interests: Development, Construction, Acquisitions

  • Sarabeth Lewis
    Sarabeth Lewis

    LinkedIn | Intro Video
    Location: Jacksonville, Tampa
    Interests: Development, Acquisitions

  • Jordan Madow
    Jordan Madow

    LinkedIn | Intro Video
    Location: Tampa, St. Petersburg
    Interests: Development, Urban Planning, Brokerage

  • Jake Maya
    Jake Maya

    Intro Video
    Location: Los Angeles, Miami, Nashville, New York
    Interests: Acquisitions, Development, Finance

  • Cecilia Milton
    Cecilia Milton

    LinkedIn | Intro Video
    Placed: Starwood Property Trust
    Rotational Analyst
    Location: Miami, FL

  • Shane O'Connor
    Shane O’Connor

    LinkedIn | Intro Video
    Location: Orlando, Tampa, Miami
    Interests: Development

  • Michael Sacks
    Michael Sacks

    Intro Video
    Location: Miami, Delray Beach, Chicago, Detroit, New York
    Interests: Acquisitions, Investment Sales, Brokerage, Development

  • Kyle Sahlsten
    Kyle Sahlsten

    LinkedIn | Intro Video
    Location: Denver, Atlanta, New York City, Miami, Tampa
    Interests: Brokerage, Development, Private Equity

  • Sugandha Sharma
    Sugandha Sharma

    Intro Video
    Location: Florida, Texas
    Interests: Development

  • Austin Taylor
    Austin Taylor

    LinkedIn | Intro Video
    Location: Florida, Charlotte, Denver, New York, Atlanta, Boston, Dallas
    Interests: Investment Sales, Private Equity, Acquisitions, Finance, Development

  • Macy Trizonis
    Macy Trizonis

    LinkedIn | Intro Video
    Placed: Monday Properties
    Acquisitions Analyst
    Location: New York, NY

  • Paige Winters
    Paige Winters

    LinkedIn | Intro Video
    Placed: Duff & Phelps Real Estate Advisory Group
    Location: Atlanta, GA

  • Grant Wishner
    Grant Wishner

    Intro Video
    Location: New York, Boston, Chicago, Miami, Washington, D.C.
    Interests: Asset Management, Banking, and Private Equity

  • Will Wyman
    Will Wyman

    Intro Video
    Location: Atlanta, Nashville, Chicago, Denver, Tampa
    Interests: Finance, Development

  • Li Yang
    Li Yang

    Intro Video
    Location: New York, Chicago, Atlanta
    Interests: Finance


Class of 2020

  • Elizabeth Collins
    Elizabeth Collins

    Location: Atlanta, Boston, D.C., Tampa
    Interests: Brokerage, Valuation

  • Michael Germi
    Michael Germi

    Location: Miami, Florida, New York, California, North Carolina
    Interests: Finance, Development, Acquisitions

  • Alex Gottlieb
    Alex Gottlieb

    Location: South Florida, New York, California
    Interests: Analysis, Finance, Brokerage

  • Alexander Guluzian
    Alexander Guluzian

    Location: Tampa, Saint Petersburg, New York City, Denver
    Interests: Development, Construction, Acquisitions

  • Michael Harris
    Michael Harris

    Location: Houston, Austin, Dallas, Tampa, Miami/Ft. Lauderdale
    Interests: Private Equity, Development, Investment Sales

  • Andrew Miller
    Andrew Miller

    Location: Orlando, Tampa, Jacksonville, Miami, Ft. Lauderdale, Atlanta, Dallas, Houston, Nashville, Charlotte
    Interests: Brokerage, Finance, Investment Sales, REITs, Insurance

  • Cody Monroe
    Cody Monroe

    Location: Jacksonville, FL
    Interests: Finance, Acquisitions

  • Enrique Triana
    Enrique Triana

    Location: Florida
    Interests: Real Estate Law, Investment

  • Xuan “Somerville” Wang
    Xuan “Somerville” Wang

    LinkedIn | Intro Video
    Location: Tampa Bay Area, Orlando, Denver, San Francisco Bay Area
    Interests: Development, Consulting, Construction