International Study Tour

GEB 6930: Graduate International Experience—Real Estate

Term: Fall Break (mid-October)
Previous Trip: Argentina

Bringing real estate lessons to life in Chile
MSRE students in Santiago, Chile
MSRE students in Santiago, Chile

MSRE Students traveled to Santiago, Chile for a week-long experiential learning opportunity. Two of these students, Paige Winters and Andrew Dale, reflect on what they learned and experienced in Chile’s capital city.

The purpose of the Graduate International Experience—Real Estate course (GEB 6930) is to provide MSRE students with practical, first-hand exposure to international real estate markets. To obtain this first-hand experience, the class visits various businesses, institutions, and organizations in the selected country. The visits consist of site tours and presentations on relevant real estate topics. Historical and cultural site visits are also included to provide a more complete picture of life and business in the visited city and country. The first-hand experience obtained from the study tour enables students to better understand and manage international real estate operations, investments, and risk.

Each October, MSRE students enrolled in GEB 6930 will visit Santiago, Chile for seven days.

The course will contain three major components: (1) pre-trip meetings, quizzes, and presentations; (2) meetings, company visits, and property visits in Santiago; and (3) post-trip student presentations on a proposed investment opportunity in Santiago. Students will learn how governmental influences, legal influences, market forces and capital requirements affect market values and commercial real estate investment decision making.