UF in Europe Application Checklist

It is strongly recommended that you discuss options with a Heavener International Programs advisor prior to selecting a program. Once you have chosen your specific program, follow the steps below.


Complete the following steps by the application deadline:

  • Open an application
    • Go to UF in Europe: Ireland, France and Italy and click the “Apply Now” button. Login using your GatorLink username. Select desired term and click “Apply.”
    • You may begin filling out the Questionnaires (including the Budget Worksheet) and Signature Documents or otherwise wait until after your appointment with a Heavener School of Business International Programs advisor (see below).
  • Meet with a Heavener School of Business International Programs advisor
    • Call 352-273-0151 to set up an appointment.
    • During this appointment, the Academic Advising Form will be filled out, where you will make preliminary course selections. You will also have your photo taken. If time permits, the Budget Worksheet will be discussed. You may wish to set up an additional appointment to go over the Budget Worksheet further, if needed.
  • Finish application
    • Turn in the Academic Advising Form to the UF International Center (170 the HUB).
    • Ensure all Questionnaires and Signature Documents are complete on the online application.
      Pay the deposit of $375 via the online application.

At this stage, your application will be reviewed by the Heavener International Programs office and UF International Center. If your application is approved, you will have additional tasks to complete prior to departure (see below).

Additional Considerations

  • Obtain/Renew passport
    • If you do not have a passport, or if your current passport is set to expire sooner than six months after your expected return date, you must obtain a new passport.
    • Visit Travel.State.Gov for more information.
    • You will need to have this passport almost immediately after the program deadline. Choose expedited service only if needed.
  • Apply for scholarships

Note that scholarships have different requirements, deadlines, and notification dates. Some require an open study abroad program application, some require an approved study abroad program application, etc.


Complete the following tasks after your application is approved. A more detailed version of this checklist with dates and deadlines will be sent to you upon approval.

  • Passport Information
    • Complete the questionnaire on your UF study abroad application online. The passport upload should be a color scan of the data and signature pages.
    • The passport must be signed and valid at least six months after your expected return date.
    • Non-U.S. citizens should also upload a copy of their visa for the U.S.
  • St. John’s University Study Abroad Application
    • Complete SJU’s study abroad application online. Instructions will be sent to you upon approval of your UF study abroad application.
    • A profile/application will be opened on your behalf soon after the UF study abroad application deadline.
    • The deadline for each item within the SJU study abroad application will be listed within the application.
    • Note that this application includes submitting health documents, so you will likely need to arrange an appointment with your physician.
  • Clear Registration Holds
    • The Heavener International Programs office will register you for your chosen UF online business courses, as there are special sections reserved for study abroad students.
    • Do not register yourself, add, drop, or change any courses without notifying the Heavener International Programs office.
  • Flight Information
    • Complete the questionnaire on your UF study abroad application online.
    • Refer to the program website for arrival and departure dates. Always double-check with the Heavener International Programs office prior to booking if you are unsure about the flight.
  • Attend the Pre-Departure Session
    • This session is mandatory and will cover important information and details specific to the program.
  • Attend the Study Abroad Survival Session
    • This session is mandatory and will cover general pointers about how to navigate a semester abroad.
  • Laptop Check
    • Have your laptop checked by the Technology Assistance Center (HVNR 206).
    • Call 352-273-0248 for an appointment or go as a walk-in.
  • Additional St. John’s University Requirements
    • There may be additional tasks to complete through SJU beyond the initial application.
    • Pay careful attention to your email and follow through with instructions provided by their staff.