Warrington Welcome

Warrington Welcome group

Your Leadership Journey Begins Here…

Warrington Welcome is a one-credit course for freshmen business students. The class is limited to 25 students. It is facilitated by a professional staff member and an upper-level business student, called a Peer Leader. It is expected that students will take it their first semester on campus. More information can be found on the Warrington Welcome website.

A Foundation for Success

As an Warrington Welcome student, you will:

  • Meet Alex Sevilla, Associate Dean, Heavener School of Business
  • Develop your personal brand
  • Understand your personal strengths
  • Discover business majors and careers
  • Explore the role of diversity on campus and in the workplace
  • Understand how you can internationalize your degree
  • Learn to enhance your resume through your college experience
  • Network with peers, faculty, and professors
  • Gain professional teamwork, communication, and interpersonal skills

Personal Attention

One unique aspect of your Warrington Welcome class is your Peer Leader. Your Peer Leader is a business undergraduate student who has experienced many of the same things that you will over the next four years. They aid in course instruction and serve as a key resource, providing you with the keys to a successful college experience.

Become a Peer Leader.

Professional Development

The Warrington Welcome Ethics Case Competition places students in the middle of a real-world ethical dilemma. Student teams are challenged to find a creative and ethical solution, which they present to judges from Enactus and various community organizations. Winning teams receive cash prizes, but all students gain invaluable real-world experience.

Community Involvement

Do you want to make a difference in the first semester of your College experience? That is exactly what students in Warrington Welcome do through their class service project. These projects provide wonderful assistance to their new community while giving students an opportunity to bond with one another.

Lasting Friendships

I constantly see my fellow Warrington Welcome students and Peer Leaders around campus, many of which have prestigious internships and leadership positions around campus. Some have even become good friends throughout my 4 years here at the University of Florida. I am so grateful to have had the opportunity to take Warrington Welcome. It made a school of thousands of business students actually feel like home.

Mark Supinski

Freshman year, it was phenomenal that one of my friends from my Warrington Welcome class had also become a Peer Leader. Now, we’re both still teaching and have fallen into the greatest friend group anyone could ask for! Our fellow Peer Leaders are our support network, our study buddies, and our best friends.

LeAnn Meyer