About Warrington Welcome

What is Warrington Welcome?

Warrington Welcome, also referred to as Introduction to Business (GEB2015), is a one-credit course for freshmen business students. It is highly suggested that students take it their first semester on campus. It is facilitated by a professional staff member and an upper-level business student, called a Peer Leader.

What do you gain as a student?

Do you want to feel more connected to the Warrington College of Business? Do you want to meet other first-year business students and expand your network among Heavener staff and student leaders?

If you answered yes to these questions, I encourage you to take Warrington Welcome (GEB 2015: Introduction to Business). Warrington Welcome provides a great opportunity to explore your major and career interests, become familiar with helpful resources and opportunities, and identify a three-year plan to reach your academic and career goals.

Here are some highlights to consider about the course:

  • One credit course: it’s not a huge time commitment!
  • It’s graded: get a letter grade factored into your GPA for doing career and self-exploration (which you should be doing anyway).
  • Resources: Do you need to refine your resume? How sure are you about your major? What careers are good options for you? What are the next steps to ensure you will graduate and be happy and employed? This class is all about equipping you to be your best!
  • Connections: Warrington Welcome will introduce you to other first-year students, upperclassmen leaders in Heavener, and multiple staff members. You’ll build your community in Heavener and also build on your collaboration and teamwork skills!
  • Heavener Leaders Sequence: Warrington Welcome (GEB2015) is the first step in the 4-step program, Heavener Leaders Sequence. Heavener Leaders Sequence ensures that Heavener students gain the professional skills, knowledge, and network that they need to be a step ahead when they start their careers.

How do you sign up for the class?

  1. Go to ONE.UF and login using your UF username and password.
  2. Click “Registration/My Schedule”.
  3. Choose the term you would like to take the class.
  4. Click add course on the top right of the browser.
  5. Input “GEB2015” into the “Course Number” box and click search.
  6. Click on the Class and click on “Add Class” and your registration is complete!

To sign up to take Warrington Welcome, also referred to as Introduction to Business, you will need to: