Our Mission

As the Warrington Welcome Council, we will foster community by building an inclusive environment and providing support to Peer Leaders to be exemplary mentors to their students. We will empower our Peer Leader community with a growth mindset. We will be the voice for our organization, and act upon the needs that our students and Peer Leaders express.

Meet the Council

2024 – 2025:

  • Keegan Christensen
    Keegan Christensen

    Executive Director

    The Executive Director oversees program operations, provides guidance to council members and Peer Leaders, represents the program at college events, and fosters a welcoming environment for students and staff.

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  • Lara Brennan
    Lara Brennan

    Director of Recruitment

    The Director of Recruitment is the face of Warrington Welcome when it comes to planning, organizing, and executing recruitment events, tabling efforts, and campus outreach. The Director of Recruitment plays a critical role in maintaining the quality of Warrington Welcome Peer Leaders who will impact the next generation of business Gators.

  • Ashley Lane
    Ashley Lane

    Director of Professional Development

    The Director of Professional Development primarily leads the planning and execution of the Warrington Welcome Professional Development Summit. Additionally, this role develops content for monthly Peer Leader forums and instructor workshops as requested.

  • Jasmine Glover
    Jasmine Glover

    Director of Training

    The Director of Training is responsible for designing and conducting workshops for the Peer Leader community to further develop their teaching skills. Also, this position co-instructs the Peer Leader training course to prepare new Peer Leaders for teaching their own class.

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  • Hannah Goin
    Hannah Goin

    Director of Engagement

    The Director of Engagement fosters cohesion and connection among Peer Leaders by organizing interactive socials and facilitating events. The overarching aim is to cultivate a welcoming and enjoyable atmosphere across the Peer Leader community.

  • Andrew Escobar
    Andrew Escobar

    Director of Inclusive Excellence

    The Director of Inclusive Excellence strives to foster an inclusive environment for our students, Peer Leaders, Staff Instructors, and the larger community through recruitment, education, and community development within WW and UF. The position’s primary responsibility is planning and executing the Human Library event during the summer, fall, and spring semesters.

  • Caroline Meyers
    Caroline Meyers

    Director of Marketing

    The Director of Marketing directs the usage of social media and the creation of marketing materials to promote Warrington Welcome’s initiatives and connect students with the greater Warrington community.

  • Domenic Keller
    Domenic Keller

    Director of Operations

    The Director of Operations aids the Program Director with management of course deliverables to ensure the efficient and effective operation of the Warrington Welcome course. This includes implementing ideas and feedback regarding the course itself and creating content to be utilized by Peer Leaders and Staff Instructors to streamline and maintain the integrity of the course curriculum.