Organizations Offering Workshops

Students have the opportunity to connect directly with first-year students by hosting professional development workshops. Each workshop will be led by student leaders from across campus and will focus on the eight Heavener competencies, which represent the eight traits that employers look for in their hires.

Attendees will choose two workshops to attend—one in the morning and one in the afternoon—to cultivate their experience at the Summit. Every workshop is designed to provide invaluable advice for students to apply in their academic and professional lives.

Morning Session

American Marketing Association logo

American Marketing Association

Be a Champion of Your Own Professional Development

Map out a plan for your professional development over the course of your undergraduate journey.

Business Ethics Ambassadors Logo

Business Ethics Ambassadors

The Invisible Hand That Guides Success

Gain insights on integrating ethics into resumes, learn how to sustain moral courage through college, and discover the strategic advantage of ethical decision-making.

BUMP logo

Business Undergraduate Mentorship Program

Atomic Habits: Improving Everyday Life for College Students

Explore building healthy habits and breaking unhealthy ones to start setting the foundation for success in your everyday life.

FWIB logo

Florida Women in Business

What Is Your Leadership Style?

Determine your personal leadership style and connect with like-minded leaders to complete a team challenge with.

Gator Ready Logo

Gator Ready

LEGO Competency Challenge

Apply core Heavener competencies in a practical competition, promoting a deeper understanding of problem solving and teamwork in real-world scenarios.

Latin American Women in Business Logo

Latin American Women in Business

Making Your Ethnicity Your Strength

Shape a “Tell Me About Yourself” response and Elevator Pitch to create a unique story of who you are and use your ethnic background to your advantage.

Product Space logo

Product Space

Introduction to Product Management: Unlocking Your Potential

Learn about the fundamentals of the product management field through engaging in hands-on activities.

Warrington Diplomats logo

Warrington Diplomats

Navigating Professional Communication

Gain valuable insights into effective networking and recruiting practices by employing practice communication strategies to navigate the professional world.

Warrington Ventures Logo

Warrington Ventures

Navigating Venture Capital

Learn how to navigate the private capital industry and how private investors decide which early stage companies to support.

Afternoon Session


Association of Latino Professionals For America

How to Maximize Your Summer

Learn the different ways to take advantage of your freshman summer and further your professional development.

CAP logo

Career and Peer Mentors

A Look Back Through The Years

Refine your professional branding through insights reflections and tips from veteran CAP mentors.

FLA logo

Florida Leadership Academy

Emotional Intelligence in Professional Interviews

Further your understanding of emotional intelligence by integrating it into your professional interview responses.

GBS logo

Global Business Society

Cultural Awareness Within and Beyond The Classroom

Reflect on your own culture and learn how to internationalize your studies at UF.

HLC logo

Heavener Leadership Challenge

Shedding Light on Your Neighbor: A Vulnerability Experience

Learn how to employ vulnerability as a tool to build better relationships, understand different perspectives, and increase your self-awareness.

LDP logo

Leadership Development Program


Test critical thinking and leadership skills in this team survival exercise.

PiB logo

Pride in Business

Sell Yourself: The Art of Storytelling

Learn how to start every interview off strong by capitalizing on the story behind your accomplishments.

Social Entrepreneurship Students logo

Social Entrepreneurship Students

From Student to Investor: Your Path to Passive Income and Early Homeownership

Learn practical tools to build wealth and achieve your financial dreams of tomorrow.

Student Finance Group logo

Student Finance Group

Level Up Your Career: Unleashing Potential Through Dynamic Presentations

Level up your research, design, and presentation skills through applying them in hands-on activities.

Student Government logo

Student Government

Artificial Intelligence Tools & Technical Acumen

Explore how AI-driven decision-making and communication enhancements can revolutionize business strategies and operations.