BABA General Studies Specialization: Soil & Water Sciences

The Soil and Water Sciences (SLS) area of specialization is offered through the College of Agricultural and Life Sciences. This area provides students with information about managing land and water resources. Students will take crop production and environmental courses as part of this area of specialization. For career information visit the UF Career Connections Center.


Students are required to have a minimum of four classes totaling 12 hours from any of the 3000-4000 level courses listed below and maintain a minimum 2.0 area of specialization GPA. Be sure to check course prerequisite requirements. Visit the Undergraduate Catalog Courses page to find more details for each course.

  • ALS 3133 Agriculture and Environmental Quality
  • SWS 3022 Soils in the Environment
  • SWS 3022L Soils in the Environment Lab
  • SWS 3022L Soil Judging
  • SWS 4116 Environmental Nutrient Management
  • SWS 4231C Soil, Water, and Land Use
  • SWS 4244 Wetlands
  • SWS 4245 Water Resources Sustainability
  • SWS 4303C Soil Microbial Ecology
  • SWS 4307 Ecology of Waterborne Pathogens
  • SWS 4451 Soil and Water Chemistry
  • SWS 4602C Soil Physics
  • SWS 4715C Environmental Pedology

Contact Information

You are always welcome to meet with an advisor in the Heavener School of Business, however, advising specifically related to Soil and Water Sciences is available through the Department of Soil, Water, and Ecosystem Sciences in the College of Agricultural & Life Sciences. For registration, scheduling, and area-specific questions, please contact:

Dr. James Bonczek
2195 McCarty A

Minor Option

A minor is available in this area of specialization. To complete the minor students must earn 15 credit hours with grades of a C or better in each course. You can find out more about the Soil and Water Sciences minor in the Undergraduate Catalog.