BABA General Studies Specialization: Philosophy

The Philosophy (PPY) area of specialization fosters critical thinking and sound reasoning, skills essential to effective thought and communication. As such the Philosophy area of specialization supplements students’ preparation for professional schools in law, business, medicine, and journalism, and for a broader range of careers in the private and public sectors. For more information on how philosophy majors do on various standardized tests as well as the job market, visit the University of Florida’s Philosophy Department website. For career information visit the UF Career Connections Center.


Students are required to have a minimum of four classes totaling 12 hours from any of the 3000-4000 level courses listed below and maintain a minimum 2.0 area of specialization GPA. Students are encouraged to take PHI 2010 or PHI 2630 before beginning the area. Note that students must have taken at least one 3000-level philosophy course to enroll in a 4000- level philosophy course. Note also that registration for PHH 3100, PHH 3400, PHI 3130, PHI 3300, PHI 3500, and PHI 3650 is temporarily restricted during advanced registration to declared philosophy majors and minors. Visit the Undergraduate Catalog Courses page to find more details for each course.

  • Any 3000 or 4000-level PHH, PHI, PHM, and PHP courses, excluding 4905 and 4911 courses

Contact Information

You are always welcome to meet with an advisor in the Heavener School of Business, however, advising specifically related to Philosophy is available through the Philosophy Department in the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences. For registration, scheduling, and area-specific questions, please contact:

Undergraduate Coordinator

Minor Option

A minor is available in this area of specialization. To complete the minor students must earn 15 credit hours with grades of C or better. You can find out more about the Philosophy minor in the Undergraduate Catalog.