BABA General Studies Specialization: Family, Youth and Community Sciences

The Family, Youth and Community Sciences (FYC) interdisciplinary area of specialization in applied social science prepares students for careers in professions that strengthen families, children and youth and communities. This includes family life education, youth development, human services, community development and extension education. Career opportunities are available in federal and state agencies, nonprofit organizations and private corporations. For career information visit the UF Career Connections Center.


Students are required to have a minimum of four classes totaling 12 hours from any of the 3000-4000 level courses listed below with grades of “C” or higher. Be sure to check course prerequisite requirements. Visit the Undergraduate Catalog Courses page to find more details for each course.

  • FYC 3001 Principles of Family, Youth and Community Sciences (prereq: PSY 2012 or SYG 2000)
  • FYC 3101 Parenting and Family Development (prereq: FYC 3001, FYC 3112 and SYG 2000)
  • FYC 3112 Contemporary Family Problems and Solutions (co-req: FYC 3001)
  • FYC 3115 Human Services (Fall and Spring; prereq: SYG 2000 or PSY 2012 and Junior standing)
  • FYC 3201 Foundations of Youth Development (co-req: FYC 3001)
  • FYC 3401 Introduction to Social and Economic Perspectives on the Community (co-req: FYC 3001)
  • FYC 4003 Family Financial Counseling (prereq: FYC 3005)
  • FYC 4126 Urban and Rural America in Transition SYG 2000, FYC 3001 & FYC 3401 w/C or better (Fall only class)
  • FYC 4212 Contemporary Youth Problems and Solutions (prereq: FYC 3001, FYC 3201 & SYG 2000 w/C’s or better)
  • FYC 4409 Working with Nonprofit Organizations (prereq: Junior standing)
  • FYC 4503 Methods of Family Life Education (Spring only; prereq: FYC 3001, FYC 3201 or SYG 2430)

Contact Information

You are always welcome to meet with an advisor in the Heavener School of Business, however, advising specifically related to Family, Youth and Community Sciences is available through the Family, Youth and Community Sciences Department in the College of Agricultural & Life Sciences. For registration, scheduling, and area-specific questions, please contact:

Dr. Tracy Johns
3041 McCarty Hall D

Minor Option

A minor is available in this area of specialization.

Prior to Summer B 2022: To complete the minor students must have 15 credits consisting of FYC 3001, FYC 3101 or FYC 3112, FYC 3201, FYC 3401 and 1 additional FYC course with grades of C or higher.

Beginning Summer B 2022: Students the FYCS minor will be as follows: FYC 3001, FYC 3112, FYC 3201, FYC 3401 and 1 additional FYC elective course.

You can find out more about the Family, Youth and Community Sciences minor in the Undergraduate Catalog.