BABA General Studies Specialization: Criminology

The Criminology (CJ) area of specialization in the Department of Sociology and Criminology & Law gives students the opportunity to study how disputes are resolved by application of legal principles to factual situations. Courses explore the role of the police and relationships between gender, race, age and social class and crime, other topics include criminal behavior, the juvenile justice system, and psychology and the law. Students with skills in Criminology apply for jobs in management and administration, sales, human service agencies or areas of the Justice Department. Criminology is an excellent area of specialization for business students interested in pursuing a law degree. For career information visit the UF Career Connections Center.


In order to pursue this area of specialization, students must have a 3.0 UF GPA. Students are required to have a minimum of four classes totaling 12 hours from any of the 3000-4000 level courses listed below and maintain a minimum 2.0 area of specialization GPA. Be sure to check course prerequisite requirements. Important: The Department of Sociology and Criminology & Law will register students for a maximum of 2 CCJ, CJE, CJJ, and CJL courses per term. It is recommended that students plan for at least 3 semesters to complete the area, because courses are held for criminology majors first and seats may not be available. Generally, the department will not help you add a course with open seats until after Advanced Registration and all CLAS majors have the chance to register. Visit the Undergraduate Catalog Courses page to find more details for each course.

  • CCJ 3024 Advanced Principles of Criminal Justice (required as a prerequisite for other upper division courses)
  • An additional 3 courses (9 credit hours) 3000-4000 level CCJ, CJE, CJL, or CJJ courses excluding any 4905 must be taken to complete this area of specialization

Contact Information

You are always welcome to meet with an advisor in the Heavener School of Business, however, advising specifically related to Criminology is available through the Department of Sociology and Criminology & Law in the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences. For registration, scheduling, and area-specific questions, please contact:

Dr. Jodi Lane
Undergraduate Coordinator
3332 Turlington Hall

Minor Option

A minor is not available in this area of specialization.