March 21, 2022

National Retail Federation Ambassador

Jensen Dole

My name is Jensen Dole. I am a freshman marketing major. I am very excited to be the NRF ambassador on campus. I’ll be updating you each week about scholarships, case studies, webinars and weekly activities of the National Retail Federation, right here in this newsletter. Stay tuned and Go Gators!

Intercultural Development Inventory

Jason Ward

This week Retail You! welcomed guest speaker Jason Ward, Director of international Programs in the Heavener School of Business. He is a Qualified Administrator for the Intercultural Development Inventory (IDI) having used the instrument with over 200 students. His presentation was focused on the results from the participants who took the IDI assessment prior to the presentation. Jason provided an analysis of the overall group’s current cultural stage and had them reflect on how they could work on moving onto the next stage. The presentation had students engaged and critically thinking, interpreting cultural metaphors that could be found in selected pictures, defining what culture means to them, and pondering reflection questions.

Bealls Executive Visit


This week, Gators were taught details about how a buy is made by visiting executives from Bealls Department Stores. Liz Newton, DMM Youth, and Therese Lau Buyer for Ladies Outdoor and Golf guided students through the process of making a purchase for both Bealls Department Stores and Bealls Outlet Stores. For example, students learned how merchandising is analytically based and how replenishment decisions are made based upon how well a product sells. They were also taught methods for deciding upon new merchandise. Finally, students were given an opportunity to negotiate a purchase by participating in a guided role play.