May 26, 2021

Walgreens - Committed to Customer Health

Ben Hawkins
Ben Hawkins, District Manager for Jacksonville South, Walgreens

We all know the value of the retailing industry and those who work in it. The pandemic has made everyone aware of how much we rely on having merchandise and services readily available. Our partner Walgreens has been instrumental in getting vaccines where they were needed and handled the challenges with true professionalism and genuine care.

We are proud to feature a long-time friend of the Miller Center, Ben Hawkins, District Manager for Jacksonville South an area that encompasses fifteen stores between Jacksonville and Palm Coast. Ben accepted the responsibility of immunizing all members of the long-term care facilities within his district. The project began in late December of 2020 when he began organizing and coordinating his team in preparation of the outreach. His efficient strategy began with immunizing his staff, training them for giving immunizations, testing them every three days and regularly ensuring they understood the specific guidelines for each vaccine.

“Many residents in the long-term care facilities refused the vaccine at first.” said Ben Hawkins, “So part of the project was managing several pieces of a skeptical audience. Still, we focused on being clear and precise with our information and provided flexibility while we worked within their constraints.” Ben talked about how proud he was of the human interaction his team offered beyond administering the vaccine. The Walgreens team provided genuine care for residents who had been quarantined and unable to see family. It was an extension of the company culture and another example of Walgreens moving forward and providing exceptional service to their customers.